Paul Mellon Lectures 2015
at The National Gallery
by Penelope Curtis
Monday's 19th Jan - 16th Feb

Animating the 18th-century Country House conference
at The National Gallery
5th March 2015

Call for Papers - Challenging Materials: J. Reynolds & Artistic Experiment in the 18th Century
Submission deadline: 13th Feb

Recent Publications

  • William Henry Fox Talbot Beyond Photography, In The Olden Time Victorians and the British Past,Ham House
  • Four Hundred Years of Collecting and Patronage,The Buildings of England, Sussex: East with Brighton and Hove, Imperial Gothic Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture
  • in the British Empire, 1840-1870, Citizen Portrait: Portrait Painting and the Urban Elite of Tudor and Jacobean England and Wales, Lucie Rie: Modernist Potter

Photographic Archive Collections

The Paul Mellon Centre houses two photographic archive collections:

The Paul Mellon Centre Photographic Archive 
Contains approximately 150,000 reference photographs of British paintings, decorative painting, sculpture, drawings and prints covering the period 1500-1900 with some files into the twentieth Century. It has a particular emphasis on the Eighteenth Century. The images were collected by staff from a variety of sources including, in particular, in-house photography undertaken by the Centre in relation to its publication activities; the Courtauld photographic survey and sales catalogues. Images have been mounted on card and include provenance information.  

The Tate Photographic Archive 
This contains approximately 35,000 reference photographs of British paintings, drawings and prints covering the period 1500 to the Twentieth Century. The reference resource was created and compiled by curators working at Tate and acquired by the Paul Mellon Centre in 2008. Images have been mounted on card and include provenance information.


Click here to view details of the collections. Click here to search by artist name on the online Library Catalogue for photographic material.