The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art offers a variety of Fellowships (for individuals) and Grants (for institutions and individuals) twice a year in a strictly timetabled schedule.  The programme supports scholarship, academic research and the dissemination of knowledge in the field of British art and architectural history from the medieval period to the present, although all supported topics must have an historical perspective. 

We do not offer fellowships and grants in the fields of archaeology, the current practice of architecture or the performing arts. We have no discretionary funds outside our stated programme.

Our Advisory Council meets to decide on the awards in March (for the Spring round) and in October (for the Autumn round). Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within three weeks of the Advisory Council meeting.

How to Apply

We can only accept applications for our awards which are made through our online application system. There will be two application periods each year and these will open in August, for the Autumn round, and November, for the Spring round. The exact opening date of each application period will be announced on our website and social media.

Applications for the Spring round will close at midnight BST on 31 January (with deadline for receipt of references 12 February) each year.

Applications for the Autumn round will close at midnight BST on 30 September (with deadline for receipt of references 10 October) each year. 

Once the application period is closed we are unable to accept further applications for that round of awards.

To apply for an award access our online system at where you can see further information about our award categories and will be able to register with us and start the application process. You do not have to complete your application in one go, but will be able to return to your form and submit your application when you are satisfied with it.

For most categories of award we will ask for the name and email address of one or two referees. Once you submit your application we will send an email to your referees asking them to log-in to the system and complete their references for your application. Our Advisory Council meets to decide on the awards in March and October. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within three weeks of the Advisory Council meeting. You will receive a decision by the end of March or the end of October depending on the round in which you apply.

Please note: it is the sole responsibility of applicants to liaise with referees before the Application Deadline, 31 January 2017, and to confirm with them in advance that they are in a position to provide a reference by the Referee Deadline, 12 February 2017. References submitted after this date will not be accepted and will invalidate the application.

Guidelines for Referees

Most categories of award which are offered by the Paul Mellon Centre require applicants to nominate referees to supply references in support of their applications. References have a word limit of 500 words.

If you are asked by an individual or institution to act as a referee for an application to our awards programme please do not try and submit a reference until prompted to do so by email from the Paul Mellon Centre. All applications and references must be submitted via our online grants system and you will not be able to submit references by email or attachment. 

Full guidelines are available to download below.