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The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition:
A Chronicle, 1769–2018

Mark Hallett, Sarah Victoria Turner, Jessica Feather

Publicaton Date
May 2018
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
250 pages
500 colour

The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition: A Chronicle, 1769–2018 is a major scholarly online resource will complement and extend the impact of the exhibition, ‘The Great Spectacle: The Royal Academy and its Summer Exhibitions 1769-2018’ to be held at the Royal Academy between 12 June and 19 August 2018. This open access digital resource will pair scholarly essays with images of works of art as well as other archival material from the RA collections and elsewhere. The online format will allow for the presentation of sound recordings and film alongside more traditional visual and textual materials, providing a rich, multi-media narrative of the Summer Exhibition. The online aspect also means this will be a scalable project that could potentially be added to and expanded as time goes on.

The resource will accommodate the needs and interests of differing user groups: a striking and adaptable design will provide visitors to the exhibition at Burlington House with the opportunity to dig more deeply into aspects of the history of the exhibition, as well as providing a set of essential primary documents for academics and scholarly researchers.

About the authors

  • Director of Studies at the Paul Mellon Centre

  • Deputy Director for Research at the Paul Mellon Centre

  • Allen Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre