Yale In London


  • Martin Postle

    Martin Postle is Deputy Director for Grants & Publications at the Paul Mellon Centre

    Martin Postle
  • Ardis Butterfield

    Ardis Butterfield is John M. Schiff Professor of English; Professor, French, Music, Yale University

    Ardis Butterfield
  • Sheila Fox

    Sheila Fox is a freelance critic and BBC Producer

    Sheila Fox
  • Andrew Sanders

    Andrew Sanders is emeritus professor, department of English, Durham University

    Andrew Sanders
  • Sarah Victoria Turner

    Sarah Victoria Turner is Deputy Director for Research at the Paul Mellon Centre

    Sarah Victoria Turner
  • Keith Wrightson

    Keith Wrightson is Randolph W. Townsend Jr. Professor of History at Yale University

    Keith Wrightson
  • Edward Cooke

    Edward Cooke is Charles F. Montgomery Professor, History of Art, in the department of American Decorative Arts and Material Culture at Yale University

    Edward Cooke
  • Jessica Feather

    Jessica Feather is the Allen Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre

    Jessica Feather
  • Becky Conekin

    Becky Conekin is Senior Lecturer at the MacMillan Center, and History and Associate Research Scholar at the MacMillan Center, Yale University

    Becky Conekin
  • Bryan Fuermann

    Bryan Fuermann is a landscape historian, specializing in European landscape history from ancient Rome to 1900.

    Bryan Fuermann
  • Sean Willcock

    Sean Willcock is a Lecturer for the Yale in London programme and Leverhulme Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London.

    Sean Willcock
  • Lloyd de Beer

    Lloyd de Beer is a curator at the British Museum

    Lloyd de Beer
  • Langdon Hammer

    Langdon Hammer is Niel Gray Jr. Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English, Yale University

    Langdon Hammer
  • Lisa Ford

    Lisa Ford is Assistant Director of Research at the Yale Center for British Art

    Lisa Ford
  • Jonathan Wyrtzen

    Jonathan Wyrtzen is an Associate Professor of Sociology, History, and International Affairs at Yale University

    Jonathan Wyrtzen
  • Mark Wheatley

    Mark Wheatley is a writer and lecturer.

    Mark Wheatley
  • Anders Winroth

    Forst Family Professor of History, Department of History, Yale University

    Anders Winroth
  • Paul Walsh

    Professor in the Practice of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism

    Paul Walsh
  • Amy Hungerford

    Dean of the Humanities Division, Bird White Housum Professor of English, and Professor of American Studies

    Amy Hungerford
  • Roger Bowdler

    Lecturer and Freelance Heritage Consultant

    Roger Bowdler