Yale In London


  • Martin Postle

    Martin Postle is Deputy Director for Grants & Publications at the Paul Mellon Centre

    Martin Postle
  • Ardis Butterfield

    Ardis Butterfield is John M. Schiff Professor of English; Professor, French, Music, Yale University

    Ardis Butterfield
  • Sheila Fox

    Sheila Fox is a freelance critic and BBC Producer

    Sheila Fox
  • Andrew Sanders

    Andrew Sanders is emeritus professor, department of English, Durham University

    Andrew Sanders
  • Sarah Victoria Turner

    Sarah Victoria Turner is Deputy Director for Research at the Paul Mellon Centre

    Sarah Victoria Turner
  • Keith Wrightson

    Keith Wrightson is Randolph W. Townsend Jr. Professor of History at Yale University

    Keith Wrightson
  • Edward Cooke

    Edward Cooke is Charles F. Montgomery Professor, History of Art, in the department of American Decorative Arts and Material Culture at Yale University

    Edward Cooke
  • Jessica Feather

    Jessica Feather is the Allen Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre

    Jessica Feather
  • Becky Conekin

    Becky Conekin is Senior Lecturer at the MacMillan Center, and History and Associate Research Scholar at the MacMillan Center, Yale University

    Becky Conekin
  • Bryan Fuermann

    Bryan Fuermann is a landscape historian, specializing in European landscape history from ancient Rome to 1900.

    Bryan Fuermann
  • Sean Willcock

    Sean Willcock is a Lecturer for the Yale in London programme at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. His research examines the visual cultures of political crisis during the Victorian period, with a particular emphasis on the aesthetics of violence in the British Empire.

    Sean Willcock
  • Lloyd de Beer

    Lloyd de Beer is a curator at the British Museum

    Lloyd de Beer
  • Langdon Hammer

    Langdon Hammer is Niel Gray Jr. Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English, Yale University

    Langdon Hammer
  • Lisa Ford

    Lisa Ford is Assistant Director of Research at the Yale Center for British Art

    Lisa Ford
  • Jonathan Wyrtzen

    Jonathan Wyrtzen is an Associate Professor of Sociology, History, and International Affairs at Yale University

    Jonathan Wyrtzen
  • Mark Wheatley

    Mark Wheatley is a writer and lecturer.

    Mark Wheatley
  • Anders Winroth

    Forst Family Professor of History, Department of History, Yale University

    Anders Winroth
  • Paul Walsh

    Professor in the Practice of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism

    Paul Walsh
  • Amy Hungerford

    Dean of the Humanities Division, Bird White Housum Professor of English, and Professor of American Studies

    Amy Hungerford