All Episodes of Sculpting Lives Series Two Now Live

  • 27 December 2021

The second series of the Sculpting Lives podcast, created and presented by Sarah Victoria Turner and Jo Baring, is now available to listen to here or via most podcast apps and players.

This series, as with the first, explores the lives, work and legacy of women sculptors and includes episodes on Dora Gordine, Veronica Ryan, Gertrude Hermes, Alison Wilding and Cathie Pilkington. There is also a special episode exploring public sculpture and the hosts interview people associated with the most recent controversial sculptures and also visit the Breaking the Mould Exhibition: Sculpture by Women Since 1945 to talk to the curator and some of the artists involved in this landmark display.

Sarah Victoria Turner has also recorded a ten minute tour of the Centre's recent Sculpting in Sound display, which features material used in creating the podcast, watch online here.