• 18 September 2017

The Assoiciation of Research Institutes in Art History (ARIAH) is a consortium of 27 museums and research centres (including the Paul Mellon Centre and Yale Center for British Art) whose goal is to promote scholarship in art history and to foster intellectual exchange among art historians from different parts of the world. In pursuit of this goal, ARIAH has established a fellowship programme that will enable scholars from countries in East Asia to conduct research at an ARIAH member institute on any topic in the visual arts.

The ARIAH East Asia Fellowship Programme offers four fellowships per year and is open to scholars from East Asia, to include Japan, Mongolia, People's Republic of China, Republic of China and South Korea. Each fellowship brings a scholar to one ARIAH Institute (the "host institute") for a two-month residence and during a subsequent one to two months, scholars can visit and conduct research at other ARIAH institutions and nonmember institutions.

For more information about this fellowship programme please click here.