Autumn 2023 Friday Research Lunches Announced

  • 20 July 2023

We are pleased to release tickets for our autumn 2023 research lunches. All bar the last lunch will be at the Paul Mellon Centre in London. Our research lunches showcase work-in-progress research and are not recorded for this reason.

13 October 2023

Rose Sinclair, University of London

The Creolisation of the English countryside: exploring the textiles and wallpaper of Althea McNish

20th October 2023

Chloë Julius, University of Nottingham

Whither the establishment? Brian Sewell and 1990s British art

3rd November 2023

Zoë Dostal, Columbia University

‘employ’d, twisted and tortur’d’: Hemp Rope, Female Models, and the Line of Beauty

17th November 2023

Altair Brandon-Salmon, Stanford University

Rooms: Francis Bacon in Wartime London

24th November 2023 (Online)

Dustin Valen, Toronto Metropolitan University

Material Cultures of Climate and Health in Architecture

Listing image: Panama Canal Zone: large 'mosquito-proofed' houses with screened porches. Photograph, ca. 1910. Wellcome Collection.