British Art Network Events Now Online

  • 17 December 2020

The proceedings of two planned British Art Network events, both of which were cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic, are now available to watch for free online.

Art Science Nature: Ecology of Art

Earlier this year Colchester and Ispwich Museums hosted a series of seminars exploring the interconnections of art, science and nature. A series of presentations from what was to be the final event, Ecology of Art, are available to watch online. These include: Anna Reid’s exploration of the work of Lucy Skaer, which delves into geological and medical science; Calvin Winner's look at the sculptural body through a commission by Laurence Edwards; and Agnes Villette’s presentation on her photographic project Alien of the Species, which reflects on her encounter with the alien nature and agency of the insect world. Find out more.

Research and the Museum Ecosystem

This conference was due to take place at the National Museum Cardiff in March and was intended to provide a fresh opportunity to investigate how the concept of a museum ecosystem might offer an alternative to more traditional frameworks of curatorial practice. Four video presentations prepared for the conference are now available to watch, together with an introductory essay by Emily Pringle, Head of Research at Tate. Find out more.