• 30 June 2017

British Art Studies displayed on an ipad The sixth issue of the online journal British Art Studies is published today. Originating from the Invention and Imagination conference held at the British Museum between 30 October and 1 November 2014, this volume aims to explore contexts in which innovation occurred in medieval British art and architecture, to see what prompted the creation of new ideas, or the reappropriation, reworking, and re-presentation of old ones. The issue is edited by Jessica Berenbeim and Sandy Heslop.



Editorial, by Jessica Berenbeim and Sandy Heslop

Medieval Invention and its Potencies, by Paul Binski

Innovation in English Gothic Architecture: Risks, Impediments, and Opportunities, by Roger Stalley

Imagining Invention: The Character of the “Gothic architect” and England, 1200–1400, by James Hillson

Creativity in Three Dimensions: An Investigation of the Presbytery Aisles of Wells Cathedral, by Alexandrina Buchanan and Nicholas Webb

Inventio Porticus—Imagining Solomon’s Porches in Late Medieval England, by Helen Lunnon

Imagining Place and Moralizing Space: Jerusalem at Medieval Westminster, by Laura Slater

The Englishness of English Sedilia, by James Alexander Cameron

Legal Crisis and Artistic Innovation in Thirteenth-Century Scotland, by Jessica Barker

In the Vineyard of the Lord: Art, Imagination, and the Stained Glass Commissions of William of Wykeham in Fourteenth-Century English Colleges, by Veronika Decker

The Temple of Justice and the Key of David: Anachronism and Authority in the Chichester Seal Matrix, by Lloyd de Beer

Resonance and Reuse: The Fifteenth-Century Transformation of a Late Romanesque Vita Christi, by Kristen Collins

Wording the Wound Man, by Jack Hartnell

Conversation Piece

Disciplining the Digital: Virtual 3D Reproduction, Pilgrim Badges, and the Stuff of Art History, coordinated by Amy Jeffs

One Object Features

Handling Digital Objects, by Lloyd de Beer and Naomi Speakman

An Ivory Staff Terminal from Alcester, by Sandy Heslop

Pilgrim Souvenir: Hood of Cherries, by Amy Jeffs

Morse Decorated with the Crucifixion and the Monogram of Abbot Walter Clifton of Warden Abbey, by Michael Carter

Pilgrim Souvenir: Ampulla of Thomas Becket, by Amy Jeffs

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