British Art Network: Research and the Museum Ecosystem conference

  • 28 February 2020

The British Art Network is putting on a free conference that focuses on arts-based research in the museum, gallery and academic worlds. This conference, taking place at National Museum Cardiff on 19 March, is intended to provide a fresh opportunity to investigate how the concept of a museum ecosystem might offer an alternative to, or even an improvement upon, more traditional frameworks of curatorial practice.

A ‘museum ecosystem’ can be understood in relation to a variety of evolving, responsive and sometimes regenerative forms of interaction: across and within the environments of individual museums and galleries; across and between a series of interconnected institutional spaces within a particular locality or region; or between such institutions and their wider environments.

Curators, academics, artists, independent scholars, museum and heritage sector professionals and beyond will open up new perspectives on how such ecosystems have shaped, and might in future shape, curatorial and scholarly research as they relate to collections, collections care and management.

Please visit the Tate website for the full details of speakers and papers. Registration for the conference closes at 5pm on 13 March.

Travel support for those attending the conference is available for members of the British Art Network, to join the Network and apply for conference travel support, please click here.