• 03 Dec 2018

We are pleased to announce that Issue 10 of British Art Studiesa special issue born from the Landscape Now conference which took place last year, is now published.

This issue includes the following articles and features:

Introduction, by Mark Hallett

Landscape Then and Now, by Tim Barringer

Fire-Stick Picturesque: Landscape Art and Early Colonial Tasmania, by Julia Lum

Paul Nash’s Geological Enigma, by Anna Reid

Re-Illuminating the Landscape of the Hoo Peninsula through the Medium of Film, by Anna Falcini

On Place and Displacement: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Immigrant Landscape, by Julia A. Sienkewicz

Liquid Landscape: Southam, Constable, and the Art of the Pond, by Stephen Daniels

The Anthroposcenic: Landscape in the Anthroposcene, by David Matless

Landscaping Islands: Alex Hartley’s Nowhereisland and Floating Histories in Contemporary British Art, by Gill Perry

Outside In: Reflections of British Landscape in the Long Anthropocene, by Mark A. Cheetham

Lines in the Landscapes: Ruins and Reveals in Britain, by Corinne Silva and Val Williams

The “Connoisseur’s Panorama”: Thomas Girtin’s Eidometroplis (1801–1803) and a New Visual Language for the Modern City, by Greg Smith

1973 and the Future of Landscape, by Nicholas Alfrey

Landscape Now, a Conversation Piece coordinated by Alexandra Harris

Gardening the Archive, a conversation between David Alesworth and Hammad Nasar 

Further reading
Mellon Lectures 2019: Global Landscape in the Age of Empire