• 3 December 2018

We are pleased to announce that Issue 10 of British Art Studies, a special issue born from the Landscape Now conference which took place last year, is now published.

This issue includes the following articles and features:

Introduction, by Mark Hallett

Landscape Then and Now, by Tim Barringer

Fire-Stick Picturesque: Landscape Art and Early Colonial Tasmania, by Julia Lum

Paul Nash’s Geological Enigma, by Anna Reid

Re-Illuminating the Landscape of the Hoo Peninsula through the Medium of Film, by Anna Falcini

On Place and Displacement: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Immigrant Landscape, by Julia A. Sienkewicz

Liquid Landscape: Southam, Constable, and the Art of the Pond, by Stephen Daniels

The Anthroposcenic: Landscape in the Anthroposcene, by David Matless

Landscaping Islands: Alex Hartley’s Nowhereisland and Floating Histories in Contemporary British Art, by Gill Perry

Outside In: Reflections of British Landscape in the Long Anthropocene, by Mark A. Cheetham

Lines in the Landscapes: Ruins and Reveals in Britain, by Corinne Silva and Val Williams

The “Connoisseur’s Panorama”: Thomas Girtin’s Eidometroplis (1801–1803) and a New Visual Language for the Modern City, by Greg Smith

1973 and the Future of Landscape, by Nicholas Alfrey

Landscape Now, a Conversation Piece coordinated by Alexandra Harris

Gardening the Archive, a conversation between David Alesworth and Hammad Nasar

Further reading
Mellon Lectures 2019: Global Landscape in the Age of Empire