• 10 May 2018

Bedford Square Festival, the collaborative event between the Paul Mellon Centre, Yale University Press, Architectural Association, New College for the Humanities and Sotheby's Institute of Art, is taking place between 4 - 7 July with an exciting line up of over forty free events.

This year the Centre will be hosting 18 events as part of the Festival, including talks from Hammad Nasar 'On the circulation of people, artworks and stories in museum collections', Jacqueline Riding "Shot out of the water"? Turner vs Constable at the Royal Academy and talks from Centre staff, including Sarah Turner on The Art of Protest, Suffrage and the Summer Exhibition. The Centre will also host a film screening of the 1957 film The Square in collaboration with the BFI, a walking tour on Well-Placed Women of Bedford Square by Lynne Walker and the keynote lecture by Tristram Hunt which will take place in the Centre's Library.

Tickets for all of the Festival events, including these listed above, are now available to be booked for free from the Festival website.