Building Greater Britain Now Published

  • 22 November 2022

We are thrilled to announce the publication of G. A. Bremner's Building Greater Britain: Architecture, Imperialism, and the Edwardian Baroque Revival, c.1885–1920. It is now available to purchase through Yale University Press.

In this, his latest book, award-winning author and eminent architectural historian G. A. Bremner re-evaluates the relationship between architecture, imperialism and identity in Britain in this study of the Edwardian Baroque – the closest British architecture ever came to an imperial style.

Building Greater Britain explores the Edwardian Baroque’s significance as a response to the growing tide of anxiety over Britain’s place in the world, and its need to bolster confidence across the Empire in the face of its widely perceived geopolitical decline.

Cross-disciplinary in nature, this book combines architectural, political, and imperial history and theory, providing a more nuanced and intellectually wide-ranging understanding of the Edwardian Baroque movement from a material culture perspective, including its foundation in notions of race and gender.