• 25 July 2017

Following a recent strategic review of the Fellowships and Grants programme the Paul Mellon Centre has identified and made changes to the structure and application process relating to certain Grants ahead of the next round of funding which will open on Monday 14 August.

Publication Grant

The principal change relates to Publication Grants for Publishers and Authors.

Previously, we offered two separate Publication Grants for authors and publishers, with two separate application forms. As of Autumn 2017 there will be a single Publication Grant application form. Here, applicants will be able to specify whether they require funding as a Publisher, an Author or both Publisher and Author together.

If an Author and Publisher apply jointly, the maximum amount awarded for the publication in question is £10,000 - £7,000 allocated for publishing costs and £3,000 for author image costs. If the Publisher only applies, the maximum amount awarded is £7,000. If the Author only applies, the maximum amount awarded is £3,000.

Previously, our Publication Grant application form for Authors did not allow specifically for the support of articles. In order to rectify this situation, as of Autumn 2017 we have created an option to allow authors of articles to apply for up to £1,000 to assist with image costs.

The budget breakdown of funding required has also been improved and will, we hope, facilitate a clearer application process.

Please note that we will now only accept one application per publication.

Digital Project Grant and the Curatorial Research Grant

The structure and application process for two other grants have been modified: the Digital Project Grant and the Curatorial Research Grant.

As of Autumn 2017, we will no longer employ the one or two-year structure to fund the above Grants, since we recognise that such projects often do not have a fixed time span. Instead, we will fund projects on a one-off basis.

In order to provide more substantial support to the very best projects we have also increased the cap from £20,000 to £40,000. By increasing the available funds we aim to provide more sustainable support for projects throughout their entirety, without the need to re-apply for additional funding at a midway point.

As a result of the increase in funding we will require applicants to provide a more comprehensive project timeline and budget breakdown.

Although the cap has been raised to £40,000 we will continue to welcome funding applications for smaller amounts.

For further information please refer to our revised rubrics and guidelines for the Publication Grant, the Curatorial Research Grant and the Digital Project Grant. Please feel free also to contact us via email at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

Image: George Romney, Lady Elizabeth Stanley, 1776-78, oil on canvas, The Jules Bache Collection 1949