• 25 April 2019

The British Art Network (BAN) is a Subject Specialist Network bringing together professionals working on British art including curators, researchers and academics, reflecting the combined strength of the UK’s public collections and curatorial expertise in this field.

The Paul Mellon Centre is pleased to now be working in close partnership with Tate in order to expand the Network and develop its full potential. This partnership will allow the network to build on the success so far, and to continue developing an exciting programme of lectures, seminars, conferences and development opportunities for early career curators and subgroup support.

As part of the new phase, the network is currently looking for applications relating to three strands of activity:

  • The BAN Early Career Curator Bursaries

The British Art Network has funding to award up to fifteen early career curators with travel and accommodation bursaries of up to £1000 each to support their attendance at British Art Network events, and to enable them to undertake research visits, mentoring and continuing professional development workshops for a one year period.

  • The BAN Sub-Group Bursaries

The British Art Network has funding to award 6-10 UK based organisations £600-£2,000 each to establish or continue to run established network sub groups. These could be devoted to knowledge exchange sessions and visits to collections and exhibitions of interest.

  • The BAN Seminar Series Bursaries

The British Art Network is launching a new series of seminars with the aim of bringing together professionals who seek to build and share knowledge and bring collections to life with fresh insight and compelling new contexts. The network wants to encourage curators and academics to work together to open up the histories of British art in compelling and accessible ways. Applications are open for funding for one of the three seminar series. The first will take place in autumn 2019, and two in spring 2020.

For more information and details on how to apply please click here.