New British Art Talks Series: Experiments in Art Writing

  • 14 April 2021

The first episode of the new series of our British Art Talks podcast is released today and is available to listen to through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or through our website.

This series, titled Experiments in Art Writing, hones in on the work of a set of innovative and distinctive UK based art writers, asking them to describe core encounters, materials, voices and texts that have shaped the very form of their writing, and their performance of it, throughout their careers to date. Each episode will be released at 10am on the dates below:

14 April
Catherine Grant

21 April
Adrian Rifkin

28 April
Maria Fusco

5 May
Roger Robinson

The previous two series of British Art Talks, which include a set of films created specially for the series by artist Elizabeth Price, can be found here.