Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

  • 5 June 2020

The Paul Mellon Centre stands with our partner institutions in the United States and around the world in protesting the killing of George Floyd and countless other Black men and women. As a research institute devoted to the histories of British art, we also recognise that racism and the legacies of imperialism are not only objects of study, but shape the world in which we research, write and practice art history.

The Centre is fundamentally committed to promoting anti-racist values and weaving them into the fabric of the institution. Responding to the calls to action from colleagues in the arts and higher education, we are reviewing our policies governing research, grants and fellowships, publications, collections and staffing at the Centre, with the aim of furthering the fight against racism and discrimination. We will also redouble our efforts to speak with and learn from wider communities, and reach out to new audiences.

As progress in these respective areas is made, we will communicate the ways we are changing our practices. As a first small step, in August we will share a summary of what tangible actions we are taking in this area, and what more we plan to do.