Picturing Places by the British Library

  • 28 April 2017


We are always delighted to see projects that we have helped support come to fruition. One of these projects is Picturing Places, a free educational resource providing unprecedented access to the British Library's holdings of topographical materials which has launched today.

Picturing Places started out in 2013 as a project named Transforming Topography, which was awarded a two year Curatorial Research Grant by the Paul Mellon Centre. The project has since evolved through the discussions at the Transforming Topography conference held in 2016 and through the work of more than 90 scholars looking who have re-examined the story of topography and the picturing of places in a wider sense.

The new website showcases some of the Library's most treasured topographical materials, including Tudor views collected by Robert Cotton and maps owned by George III. The first phase of Picturing Places features over 500 collection items, and over 100 articles providing fresh perspectives and new ideas. The Paul Mellon Centre's Deputy Director Martin Postle has also contributed to this project by writing an article entitled 'Richmond and Twickenham: A Modern Arcadia'.

Explore Picturing Places further here.