• 16 January 2018

'Thinking About Exhibitions: Interpretation, Reconstruction, and Curation'

Led by the Centre’s Director of Studies, Mark Hallett, this spring's course will take an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the research, writing, borrowing, design, and installation processes involved in putting on a major exhibition.

'Thinking About Exhibitions' will use as case studies exhibitions held at major institutions around the world including a sneak peek at two displays due to open at the Royal Academy in summer 2018 and the Holburne Museum in spring 2019. The course will also feature artists, curators, and art historians as guest speakers over its five sessions.

This term’s course will take a slightly different format from previous years. The first four sessions will follow the traditional Public Lecture Course model, with a lecture followed by a question and answer period. The final session will be a group discussion that will bring together all of the themes discussed in the preceding lectures. Each lecture will be recorded and made available to the public through the Centre’s website.

“Thinking about Exhibitions” will begin on Thursday, 8 March 2018 and will run every Thursday for three weeks. There will be a one-week break for the Easter holiday and the course will begin again on 5 April and conclude on 12 April.

Registration for this PLC begins on 22nd January on our website.