Research Continuity Grants & Fellowships 2021

  • 29 March 2021

In light of the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis on individuals and institutions in the field of British art studies, the Paul Mellon Centre has decided to award another programme of Research Continuity Grants and Fellowships in 2021.

The awards were first launched in May last year and provided recipients with quickly-released funding to sustain research, writing and thinking on British art and architecture during a period of unprecedented disruption for scholarly and curatorial communities. Applications for the 2021 round of funding opportunities will open on Monday 26 April and close on Monday 17 May. Awards will be made at the start of June ahead of funds being released in July.

Research Continuity Grants

Research Continuity Grants are awards of £10,000 intended for institutions such as galleries or museums, which have been affected financially by the COVID-19 crisis.

They are designed to enable institutions to continue planning and conducting curatorial and scholarly research projects during the coming year, on topics drawn from the history of British art and architecture.

Research Continuity Fellowships

Research Continuity Fellowships are awards of £5,000, designed to support individuals in conducting their writing and research on British art and architecture during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of these fellowships is to enable individuals to sustain themselves and their work in the face of the financial and scholarly challenges generated by the crisis.

Image: Bharti Parmar, The Farther I Fly, 2004, from a suite of 5 cyanotypes, 30.5 x 41cm © Bharti Parmar