• 20 February 2019

"There’s a photograph of George Shaw, taken in 2002, that shows the Coventry artist gamely attempting to relive his youth. Facing the camera, he’s squeezing himself into the tiny Joy Division T-shirt he bought back when he was a skinny 14 year old. It looks more like a crop-top in the picture, barely reaching his belly button and pulling at his broad shoulders. “I remember my wife saying, ‘Stop it, you’re going to tear it!’” Shaw, who would have been in his mid-30s when the shot was taken, laughs at the memory."

The Centre's current Drawing Room Display, Secondhand Daylight, has been featured in as part of an interview with artist George Shaw written by Tim Jonze for The Guardian. Shaw and Jonze met at the Centre earlier this month to speak specifically about the contents of the current Display, George's collection of books, records and t-shirts, all of which helped shaped his adolescence in Coventry and had a profound effect on his artistic practice.

To read the full article please click here and for more information about Secondhand Daylight please click here.

Photograph: Alicia Canter/The Guardian