• 21 August 2017

Publications have always been an important element of the Paul Mellon Centre's activities, particularly in relation to our Grants and Fellowships programme. From the programme's outset we have aimed to fund publications that we believe would otherwise not be published.

We have now helped to support over 200 publications from monographs to exhibition catalogues, covering a diverse range of British art and architecture topics from ceramics to photography and from modern architecture to garden history. We believe in the importance of financially supporting not only publishers but also authors for expenditure they incur personally for illustrations for their publication. A full list of the publications that we have helped support can be found here.

Ahead of the Autumn 2017 round we have made improvements to how we manage the Publication funding, combining the two separate Author and Publisher grants into one ‘Publication Grant’. Under this umbrella both author and publishers can apply, either together or separately. We have also acknowledged the importance of funding needed for articles and smaller publishing projects, incorporating in the application a section specifically for authors working of these types of works.

For more information and to apply for a Publication Grant please click here.