Summer 2024 Events Programme Live

  • 8 April 2024

Free tickets are now available for our summer 2024 research lunches and seminars. Our research lunches showcase work-in-progress research and are not recorded for this reason. Research seminars will be in person and online and recordings may be released at a later date. To be the first to know about all our events make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Our research seminar series this term is titled Out to Sea and will focus on the influence of oceans and their coasts, in relation to Britain and its global empire, on visual and architectural imagination and production.

Research Seminars

Wednesday 1 May, 2024
Deep Sea Divers Below the City: The Case of Sydney Harbour with Ann Elias and Morgan Daniels as respondent

Wednesday 22 May, 2024
Ocean Liners in Interwar London: Art and Performance with Faye Hammill and Bruce Peter as respondent

Wednesday 5 June, 2024
Global Houses of the Efik with Louis Nelson and Shaheen Alikhan as respondent

Wednesday 12 June, 2024
“Not Just for Sailors Any More”: Maritime Tattooing in Context with Matt Lodder

Wednesday 19 June, 2024
Naval Gazing: Portraiture and the Royal Navy with Katherine Gazzard and Sara Caputo as respondent

Research Lunches

Friday 3 May, 2024
Britishness, History and Video Games with Nick Webber

Friday 17 May, 2024
Animal Prints: Lithography and Leather in Victorian Britain with Rosalind Hayes

Friday 31 May, 2024
Hubs, Nodes and Networks: A New History of British Digital Art with Pita Arreola

Friday 21 June, 2024
Roads, Bridges, Canals and Landscapes with Steven Brindle

Friday 28 June, 2024
Restoration and Representation: Architecture and the Body of Charles II with Sarah Hutcheson