The 50th anniversary edition of PMC Notes

  • 10 January 2020

In 1970 the Paul Mellon Centre was established ‘to advance the education in, and appreciation and understanding of British art’.

To mark our 50th anniversary, the Centre’s Director of Studies, Mark Hallett, has written a special edition of our newsletter PMC Notes. This offers a brief history of the Centre, and takes the form of an illustrated, year-by-year chronicle which focuses on some of the people, events and projects that have shaped the PMC’s development.

The publication – which also features the contributions of other scholars associated with the Centre - is designed to suggest the many ways in which the PMC has engaged with the wider field of British art studies over the last five decades.

This special edition of PMC Notes will be available to pick up for free from the Centre throughout the year!


Figure 1.
PMC Notes 14 - a special 50th anniversary edition,