• 30 January 2018

Our free Research Seminar series for the Spring takes inspiration from our current Collection and Display: The British Country House research project with talks from curators and Deputy Director for Grants and Publications Martin Postle.

21 February
Blasphemy, Irenicism and Collecting: The Improbable Friendship of Francis Dashwood and Antonio Niccolini
Peter Björn Kerber, curator at Dulwich Picture Gallery, will trace the intellectual, religious and artistic dimensions of the twenty-year friendship of the ill-matched Francis Dashwood and Antonio Niccolini and consider how Niccolini's influence is reflected in the art collection Dashwood assembled at West Wycombe Park.

28 February
The Lives and After-lives of Picture Displays at Castle Howard
Christopher Ridgeway, curator at Castle Howard, will consider the changing and complex relationships between individual pictures (and artists), and their neighbours on the walls.

7 March
Patrons and Painters: Portraits by Joshua Reynolds and James Northcote at Trewithen, Cornwall
Martin Postle, Deputy Director for Grants and Publications, will explain the context of two relatively unknown portraits by Joshua Reynolds from the Trewithen collection and reveal their importance as a source of local patronage, which had a profound impact on the careers of Reynolds and his pupil James Northcote.

All of these seminars are free and take place on Wednesday evenings followed by a drinks reception.