What we do

The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art is an educational charity committed to supporting original research into the history of British art and architecture of all periods. It is the sister institution to the Yale Center for British Art, with which it collaborates closely, and is part of Yale University

<i>with the portrait bust of Thomas, 1st Baron Dartrey, by Joseph Wilton, installed at the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven</i>. The Centre, based in Bedford Square, London, is a thriving hub of research. It offers a supportive, professional environment for scholarly work, providing rich library and archival resources to curators, art-trade professionals, independent art historians, academics, researchers and students. It hosts a busy programme of scholarly events, including research seminars and lunches, workshops, symposia and conferences. It generates high-quality research through the scholarly activities and publications of its Director, Deputy-Directors, and growing community of in-house Postdoctoral Fellows. It also runs the Yale-in-London teaching programme, which provides visiting Yale students with a variety of courses to study, including ones devoted to the history of British art and architecture. In Autumn 2015 we extended our educational activities with the launch of our Public Lecture Courses aimed at people interested in learning more about British art, but who may not have studied art history before.

The Centre is also actively engaged in wider realms of scholarly activity and publication. It runs a major grants and fellowships programme that funds high-quality research into the history of British art and architecture. It has a long and continuing history of publishing scholarly monographs and catalogues through Yale University Press. Finally, it is also committed to the most rigorous and creative forms of digital publication: it has recently produced digital catalogues raisonnés on the work of Francis Towne (1739–1816) and Richard Wilson (1713/14–1782), and operates an online journal entitled British Art Studies.