Archives & Library

Thinking of Offering Archive Material?

The Paul Mellon Centre actively collects archive material relating to the study of British art and architectural history and is happy to hear from individuals or institutions that have material they would like to offer.

Once the initial assessment information has been received, the Centre will follow standard procedure for assessing potential offers, as detailed below:

  • Archive staff will review the initial assessment information against the Centre’s Archive Collection Policy Statement existing holdings and resources
  • If the assessment reveals that the material does not fit the Centre’s Archive Collection Policy, the acquisition will be declined. This decision will be conveyed in writing.
  • If the acquisition looks promising, Archive staff will visit to review the material wherever it is currently stored. Please note: material will not normally be accepted without review
  • All material fitting the Centre’s Archive Collection Policy – whether subject to an onsite visit or not - will be formally discussed at a monthly acquisition meeting with the Director and other relevant Centre staff. Please note: no material fitting the Archive Collection Policy will be declined without the consent of the Director.
  • If the acquisition is approved by the Director and Centre staff, the material will be formally acquired. Please note: all acquisitions at the Centre are accompanied by an Archive Acquisition Form.
  • If the acquisition is ultimately declined, the decision will be conveyed in writing.