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Paul Joyce Archive

Paul Joyce (1934–2014) was an architectural draughtsman and historian with a life-long interest in the work of George Edmund Street (1824–1881), a leading architect of the Victorian Gothic Revival. The Centre holds Joyce’s archive, containing material compiled in the course of his research on G.E. Street and other Victorian architects. The archive is fully catalogued and available for research. This spotlight feature highlights original drawings from the archive and a representative sample of Joyce’s research.

Other Victorian Architects

In addition to the material on G.E. Street, the Paul Joyce Archive contains a series of index cards compiled for a proposed Dictionary of Victorian Architects, and image files on buildings by other key Victorian architects, many of whom worked with G.E. Street, including:

  • George Frederick Bodley (1827–1907)
  • James Brooks (1825–1901)
  • William Burges (1827–1881)
  • William Butterfield (1814–1900)
  • Edward William Godwin (1833–1886)
  • Nicholas Hawksmoor (1661–1736)
  • John Loughborough Pearson (1817–1897)
  • George Gilbert Scott (1811–1878)
  • John Dando Sedding (1838–1891)
  • Richard Norman Shaw (1831–1912)
  • Samuel Sanders Teulon (1812–1873)
  • William White (1825–1900)