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Library Collections

The library collections cover British painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, decorative arts, architecture and garden history from the medieval period to the present day. The collections on British artists and architects, the British and Irish country house and the eighteenth-century Grand Tour are particularly strong.

Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation

Approximately 250 items. This material has been fully catalogued on the Library and Photographic Archive catalogue.

The collection consists of books and exhibition catalogues on Scottish art and artists, particularly those of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and some material on corporate art collections. The collection was acquired by the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation as part of its daily business and to support research into the Fleming Collection.

The collection was donated to the Paul Mellon Centre by the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation in December 2019 as a contribution to building an unrivalled resource for British art studies open to all.

The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation

From 2000, the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, a registered charity, has been endowed to care for and enhance the Fleming Collection and to promote an understanding and awareness of Scottish art and creativity largely outside Scotland through a programme of cultural diplomacy, exhibitions, individual loans, events, publishing and education.

The Fleming Collection is one of the finest collections of Scottish art outside public institutions and comprises over 600 works from the seventeenth century to the present day. The collection dates back to 1968 when investment bank, Robert Fleming & Co, began to acquire Scottish art to hang in its offices worldwide.