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The library collections cover British painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, decorative arts, architecture and garden history from the medieval period to the present day. The collections on British artists and architects, the British and Irish country house and the eighteenth-century Grand Tour are particularly strong.

Sir Brinsley Ford

This collection has been fully catalogued on our library and photographic archive catalogue.

In 2008, approximately 250 exhibition catalogues on 20th-century artists and on the subject of the Grand Tour were donated by the family of the late Sir Brinsley Ford. 

Sir (Richard) Brinsley Ford (1908-1999) was a gentleman-scholar, connoisseur and collector. His publications included 'Drawings of Richard Wilson' (1951) and 'English Taste in the Eighteenth Century' (1956). He was chairman of the National Art Collections Fund (1975-1980). 


Sir (Richard) Brinsley Ford, 1992

Digital image courtesy of Derry Moore