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Dennis Sharp (1933-2010) was an architect, designer, author and teacher. The Centre holds Sharp’s archive, which comprises material compiled in the course of his research on the architecture of Connell, Ward and Lucas. The archive is fully catalogued and available for research. This spotlight feature highlights some of the key themes that emerge from the archive and some of the treasures which it contains.

Amyas Connell (1901 - 1980)

Amyas Connell was born in Eltham in New Zealand on the 23rd June 1901 and his architectural education began when he was articled to the English architect, Stanley W. Fearn, in Wellington in 1919-1924. Whilst there, Connell met fellow student, Basil Ward, and in 1924 the two architects travelled to England together.

Amyas Connell (1901 - 1980)

Amyas Connell (1901 - 1980),

Having been awarded the Rome Prize, Connell enrolled at the British School at Rome (BSR) in 1927. His studies ended earlier than expected when, in 1929, he was commissioned by the Director of the BSR, Sir Bernard Ashmole, to build a private house; this was called High and Over. 

In 1930 Connell set up practice with Ward, before being joined by Colin Lucas in 1934 to form Connell, Ward and Lucas. This partnership lasted until 1939, ceasing trading at the outbreak of the Second World War, during which Connell worked for the British Army and the Ministry of Works and Buildings. In just five years Connell, Ward and Lucas designed over twenty private houses and other projects.

In 1946 Connell moved to Tanganyika (now the United Republic of Tanzania) in East Africa and later Nairobi, Kenya, where he completed a number of building projects including the HH Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital (later called the Aga Khan Memorial Hospital) for which he received the RIBA bronze medal.

Connell founded TRIAD Architects in around 1963 with Graham McCullough and in the 1970s he returned to the UK, working in the Westminster branch with his sons, James and Graham. 

Connell died in 1980.

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