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Dennis Sharp Archive

Dennis Sharp (1933-2010) was an architect, designer, author and teacher. The Centre holds Sharp’s archive, which comprises material compiled in the course of his research on the architecture of Connell, Ward and Lucas. The archive is fully catalogued and available for research. This spotlight feature highlights some of the key themes that emerge from the archive and some of the treasures which it contains.

Connell, Ward and Lucas Practice

On the 22nd May 1934 the Connell, Ward and Lucas architectural practice was officially formed when Colin Lucas (1906-1984), a Cambridge graduate, joined two architects from New Zealand, Amyas Connell (1901-1980) and Basil Ward (1902-1976) who had been partners since 1930. 

The new practice lasted until 1939, ceasing trading at the outbreak of the Second World War (1939-1945).  In just five years they designed over twenty private houses and were involved in many other projects.

Connell, Ward and Lucas' private houses included, amongst many others: The Firs and The Firkin; Greenside (or Bracken); 95 Salisbury Road; Dragons; 66 Frognal; Potcroft, and 26 Bessborough Road.

They also worked on designs for social and speculative housing projects including Kent House in Camden, Parkwood Estate in Ruislip, Middlesex, Frinton Park at Frinton-on-Sea in Essex, and Lord's Court in St. John's Wood, as well as competition entries. These included Hertford Central Offices, Newport Civic Buildings in South Wales, and St. George's Hospital in London.

Other projects include restaurant and shop fittings, as well as exhibitions and a sound studio. The archive also includes designs of unrealised projects such as the Edith Edwards Preventorium in Papworth, an Individual Health Centre, and a scheme for a community of the unemployed in Monmouthshire.

Related records in the Dennis Sharp Archive

Record Reference
The Connell, Ward and Lucas Practice DCS/2/2/5
The Firs, a private house in Redhill, Surrey DCS/2/7/1
The Firkin, a private weekend house built in Redhill, Surrey DCS/2/7/2
95 Salisbury Road, a private house built in Worcester Park, Surrey DCS/2/7/7

Dragons, a private weekend house in Woodmancote, West Sussex

66 Frognal, a private house in Hampstead, London DCS/2/7/17
Bracken (also known as Greenside), a private house in Wentworth, Virginia Water, Surrey, DCS/2/7/22
Potcroft, a private house in Sutton, Pulborough, West Sussex DCS/2/7/24
26 Bessborough Road, a private house in Roehampton, London DCS/2/7/27
Social housing DCS/2/7/4
Speculative design for Parkwood Estate, Ruislip, Middlesex DCS/2/6/11
Speculative design for Frinton Park, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex DCS/2/7/3
Speculative design for Lord's Court, 32-36 St. John's Wood Road, London DCS/2/7/9
Working class flats competition entry DCS/2/7/10
Hertford County Council Buildings competition entry DCS/2/7/11
Newport Civic Buildings competition entry DCS/2/7/16
St George's Hospital competition entry DCS/2/7/28
Ecole du Petit Cordon Bleu on 29 Sloane Street, London DCS/2/6/8
The Vitamin Café at 419 Oxford Street, London DCS/2/6/9
Health Shop on 70-71 Welbeck Street, London DCS/2/6/10
Plastic Bathroom Exhibition DCS/2/7/5
Royal Academy exhibition DCS/2/7/29
Shepperton Sound Studios DCS/2/7/6

Unrealised project: Edith Edwards Preventorium

Unrealised project: Individual Health Centre DCS/2/7/14
Unrealised project: Scheme for community of unemployed DCS/2/7/26