• At the Autumn 2017 meeting of the Centre‚Äôs Advisory Council the following Grants were awarded:

Curatorial Research Grants

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, to help support a research curator to work on the project Collecting the Art of the Book in the Industrial North West

Four Corners, to help support a research curator to work on the project A radical vision: community film and photography in 1970-80s London

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University, to help support a research curator to work on the project Primitivism and the Picturesque: British artists in Ireland during the Great Hunger (1840-1860)

Manchester Art Gallery, to help support a research curator to work on the project Speech Acts 

Museums Sheffield, to help support a research curator to work on the project “The kitchen sink too”: British Art 1945-1975 from Sheffield’s Collection

The Holburne Museum, to help support a research towards an exhibition on Thomas Lawrence’s early career  

York Art Gallery, York Museums Trust to help support a research curator to work on the project Turner, Ruskin and the Storm Cloud of the Modern World 

Digital Project Grants

British Library, towards research and essay commissions for the Voices of Art website derived from the Artists’ Lives oral history project 

University of York, towards the Art World in Britain 2.0 project to expand and reconfigure The art world in Britain 1600 to 1735 website

Educational Programme Grants

Downing College, to support the Elizabeth Frink symposium

Leed Beckett University to support the Untold Stories of the Country House conference

University of Birmingham to support the two-day conference Art on the Move: Mobility in the Long Nineteenth Century

University of Edinburgh to support the conference Building the Scottish Diaspora: Scots and the Colonial Built Environment c.1700-1920

University of Nottingham to support the two-day conference Nottingham Castle Museum

University of the Arts to support the Gluck: Art and Identity symposium

University of York to support the conference Nature’s Incision: Collage and Nature

Victoria and Albert Museum to support the Ocean Liners conference

Publication Grants

Alexandra Kokoli, author costs towards publishing Tracy Emin: Art into Life

Amsterdam University Press, publisher costs towards Godefridus Schalcken: A Dutch Painter in Late Seventeenth-Century London

Anthony Hamber and Oak Knoll Press, author and publisher costs towards Photography and the 1851 Great Exhibition

Arthur MacGregor, author costs towards Company Curiosities: Nature, Culture, and the East India Company 1600-1874

Compton Verney House Trust, publisher costs towards Whistler and Nature

David Rundle, author costs towards The Renaissance Reform of the Book and Britain: the English Quattrocento

Gregory Salter, author costs towards Art and Masculinity in Post-War Britain: Reconstructing Home

Hamburger Kunsthalle, publisher costs towards Thomas Gainsborough: The Modern Landscape

Hannah Field and University of Minnesota, author and publisher costs towards Novelty Value: Moveable Picture Books and the Child Reader in Victorian Britain

Joanna Barnes, author costs towards An Arsenal of Essays: A Gedenkschrift to Benedict Read (working title)

Julia Sienkewicz and University of Delaware Press, author and publisher costs towards Epic Landscapes: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Art of Watercolour

Laura Slater, author costs towards Art and Political Thought in Medieval England, c. 1150-1350

Matthew Reeve, author costs towards Gothic Architecture, Sexuality and Aesthetics in the Circle of Horace Walpole

National Portrait Gallery, publisher costs towards Gainsborough’s Family Album

Pandora Syperek, author costs towards the article Crystal Virtues: Ruskin and Gender in the Natural History Museum

Paul Holberton Publishing, publisher costs towards Henry Lamb

Polly Gould, author costs towards Art through Antarctica: Atmosphere, Anthropology and Architecture in the life of Edward Wilson

Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, publisher costs towards Public Sculpture of Edinburgh, volume 2, ‘The New Town, Leith and Outer Suburbs’

Robert Mills and Boydell & Brewer, author and publisher costs towards Derek Jarman’s Medieval Modern 

Robert Wilkes, author costs towards the article Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Watercolours of the 1860s 

Sarah Grant, author costs towards Female Portraiture and Patronage in Marie Antoinette’s Court: The Princess de Lamballe 

Silvia Davoli and The Strawberry Hill Trust, author and publisher costs towards Lost Treasures of Strawberry Hill, Masterpieces from Horace Walpole’s Collection 

Sonja Drimmer and University of Pennsylvania Press, author and publisher costs towards The Art of Allusion: Illuminators and the Making of Middle English Literature, 1403-1476 

Susanna Avery-Quash and Birkbeck, University of London, author and publisher costs towards Leonardo in Britain

The Hepworth Wakefield, publisher costs towards Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain

Tim Ayers and Boydell & Brewer, author and publisher costs towards The Building Accounts for St Stephen’s Chapel, Westminster, 1292-1396

Twentieth Century Society, publisher costs towards Alison and Peter Smithson

Van Abbemuseum, publisher costs towards The Place is Here: A Montage of Black Art in 1980s Britain

Yale University Press, publisher costs towards The Buildings of Ireland: Central Leinster

Yale University Press, publisher costs towards The Buildings of Ireland: Cork

Paul Mellon Centre Research Support Grants

Aaron White, for research on English Architecture in the Age of Colonisation, 1585-1642

Achim Timmerman, for research on The Gothic Fulcrum: The English Market Cross and its Audiences

Alison Wright, for research on British Sporting and Animal Art, 1760-1840: A Critical History of its Production, Reception, Collection and Display

Amanda Luyster, for research on English Visions of the East: Henry III, the Crusades, and the Cosmopolitan Cultures of Display in Thirteenth-century England

Gemma Sharpe, for research on Pakistani Printmaking in Britain from Chughtai to the Neo-Miniature Movement

Georgia Haseldine, for research on Portraits of Ireland’s reform movement, 1779-1800

Lobke Geurs, for research on A Taste of Hope and Dalton: Changing Perceptions of Egypt and the Near East in the Eighteenth Century 1749-1797

Margaret J. Schmitz, for research on Abstracting New York in Wyndham Lewis’s “Vorticist Universe”

Paul Willis, for research on To look more like a man of some business and consequence, no dangler nor idler – Sir Joshua Reynolds’ Grand Tour Sketchbooks

Samuel Grinsell, for research on British Imperial Architecture in the Nile valley

Sophie Hatchwell, for research on Modernism and the East Midlands: public galleries and the acquisition of modern art 1920-1940

Veronica Bremer, for research on The Simpson Department Store: A Platform for Modernist Artistic Production and Exchange

Andrew Wyld Research Support Grants

Vincent Pham for research on Chesterfield House Portraits: Display, Reception, Reconstruction

Zalina Teremazova, for research on Multicolour Prints by Grabriel Skorodumov (1754-1792) in the Collections of British Museum