• At the Spring 2015 meeting of the Centre’s Advisory Council the following Fellowships and Grants were awarded:

Senior Fellowships

Ian Campbell, University of Edinburgh, to prepare his book Renaissances in Scottish Architecture, c.1370-1745

Stephen Daniels, University of Nottingham, to prepare his book ‘Map-work’: John Britton and the Reform of Topography in Nineteenth-Century Britain 

Rome Fellowship

Caspar Pearson, University of Essex, for research in Rome on The renaissance of the Renaissance? Architecture and Urbanism between Italy and England

Mid-Career Fellowships

Alice Correia, University of Salford, to prepare her book Articulating Contemporary British Asian Art Histories

Manolo Guerci, University of Kent, to prepare his book Great houses of the Strand: the Ruling Elite at Home in Tudor and Jacobean London

Matthew Reeve, Queen’s University, Ontario, to prepare his book Gothic Architecture, Aesthetics and Sexuality in the Circle of Horace Walpole c.1740-90

James Rothwell, The National Trust, to prepare his book Politics, diplomacy and 18th-century European court culture; the Ickworth silver, 1690-1775

Postdoctoral Fellowships

William Bainbridge, Durham University, to prepare his book Peaks & Pencils: The Dolomite Mountains in Victorian Illustrated Books

Caroline Fuchs, Bavarian State Painting Collection, to prepare her book Colour Values: Autochrome Colour Photography in Britain

Victoria Horne, University of Edinburgh, to prepare articles and a book “Our project is not to add to art history, but to change it.” The establishment of the UK Associations of Art Historians, 1974-90 and ‘BLOCK Magazine and the ‘New’ Approaches in British Art History’ and Publishing Dissent: Radical Periodicals and British Art History, 1979-89

Allison Ksiazkiewicz, University of Cambridge, to prepare her book Archetypes of Nature: visualizing geological landscape during the British Enlightenment

Laura Slater, University of York, to prepare her book Art and Political Thought in Medieval England

Sean Willcock, Queen Mary, University of London, to prepare his book The Aesthetics of Conflict: Art, Photography and Geopolitics in the Victorian Period

Junior Fellowships

Andrea Bacciolo, Universität Wien,to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his doctoral thesis The Barberini and the British Isles. Art and diplomacy between Rome and London (1623-1679)

Erin McKellar, Boston University,to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Tomorrow on Display: American and British Housing Exhibitions, 1940-1955

Laurel Peterson, Yale University,to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis The Decorated Interior: Artistic Production in the British Country House, 1688-1745

Allison Young, Institute of Fine Arts, New York, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis'Torn and Most Whole': Zarina Bhimji and the 'Culture Wars' in Britain, 1970-2002

Research Support Grants

Susan Bean for research on Modeling Cosmos and Colony: India's Clay Sculpture in the 19th Century Georgina Cole for research on Representations of blindness in eighteenth-century British art

Christopher Cowell for research on The Cantonments of India: A Hidden Theater of British Rule, 1746-1924

Anne Goodchild for research on The early and mid-career work of Victor Pasmore (c.1929-1969) 

Ada Grochowska for research on Woodcarving in Anglo-Dutch relationships in the second half of the seventeenth century 

Sonal Khullar for research on Fertile Grounds: Art, Primitivism, and Postcoloniality in Twentieth-Century India and Great Britain

JoAnne Mancini for research on Anglo-Spanish conflict and the transformation of art and architecture 

Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani for research on Reforming the Canon of British Modernism: Commonwealth artists in London, 1956-1970

Helen Pierce for research on The Art of the Interregnum 

Catherine Sloan for research on Radical Post-War Pedagogies in British Art: Basic Design

Alice Strickland for research on Women artists of the First World War: Anna Airy, Flora Lion, Lucy Kemp-Welch, Victoria Monkhouse and Olive Edis

Astrid Swenson for research on The Restoration of Crusader Architecture in the British Mediterranean 

Zoe Thomas for research on The Women's Guild of Arts and the Arts and Crafts scene in London, c.1880-1930

Emily Turner for research on British Missionary Infrastructure Development in the Canadian North, c.1850-1914

Frederica Van Dam for research on Flemish migrant painters in England between 1560 and 1620 

Nicholas Webb for research on Modelling Medieval Vaults: A digital analysis of Wells Cathedral Aisles 

Dominic Wilkinson and Andrew Crompton for research on F.X. Velarde: The modern European church 

Educational Programme Grants

British Film Institute grant towards a series of lectures and seminars, April 2015: Cinema Born Again

British Library grant towards a workshop, 29 October 2015: British Library Prints and Drawings: image, evidence, history

University of Exeter grant towards a colloquium, 3-4 December 2015: Fancy-Fantasie-Capriccio: Diversions and Distractions in the Eighteenth Century

Gainsborough's House grant towards a conference, 29-30 October 2015: The Painting Room: New research into the painting practices of artists in the 18th century

Hepworth Wakefield grant towards a conference, 6 June 2015: Décor: A Conference

Jerwood Gallery grant towards a study day, Autumn 2015: Lowry by the Sea

University of Lincoln grant towards a conference, April 2016: Duncan Grant murals in Lincoln Cathedral: Contemporary Responses and Perspectives

Museum of London grant towards a conference, 11-12 September 2015: The Look of Austerity

National Portrait Gallery grant towards a workshop, 21 April 2015: George Scharf and the emergence of the museum professional in nineteenth-century Britain

University of St Andrews grant towards a workshop, June 2015: Curating Materiality: Feminism and Contemporary Art History in the UK

Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds grant towards a symposium, 29 May 2015: Bohemians and marginal communities in the 18th century: George Morland in context