• At the Spring 2016 meeting of the Centre‚Äôs Advisory Council the following Fellowships and Grants were awarded:

Mid-Career Fellowships

Isabelle Baudino, Magdalene College, Cambridge/ENS de Lyon, to prepare her book Imagining the Past: Historical Illustrations in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Joseph Monteyne, University of British Colombia, to prepare his book Gillray’s Romanticism: Vision and Violence in Late Georgian London

Mia Bagneris, Tulane University, to prepare her book Imagining the Oriental South: The Enslaved Mixed-Race Beauty in British Visual Culture after 1865

Mrinalini Rajagopalan, University of Pittsburgh, to prepare her book From Common Courtesan to Designing Dowager: The Architecture of Begum Samru, 1805-1836

Tessa Wild, to prepare her book Red House – William Morris’s ‘Palace of Art’ 

Rome Fellowship

Phillip Prodger, National Portrait Gallery, for research in Rome on the topic of Oscar Rejlander and British art photography in Rome

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Alice Dolan, School of Advanced Studies, University of London/UCL, to prepare her book The Fabric of Life: Linen and Life Cycle in English Daily Life, 1678-1810

Claudia Tobin, to prepare her book Modern Stillness

Devika Singh, University of Cambridge, to prepare her book Art in India in its Global Contexts

Irene Sunwoo, Chicago Architecture Biennial, to prepare her book Architectural Associations: A Continuing Experiment in Pedagogy

James Legard, to prepare his book Architecture and Ambition: The Building of Blenheim Palace

John Chu, National Trust, to prepare his book The Fortunes of Fancy Painting in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Louise Hardiman, to prepare her book The Firebird’s Flight: Russian Art in Britain, 1851-1917

Pandora Syperek, to prepare her book Jewels of the Natural History Museum: Gender, Display and the Nonhuman, 1851-1901

Rebecca Wade, to prepare her book Domenico Brucciani and the Formatori of Nineteenth-Century Britain 

Junior Fellowships

Brigid von Preussen, Columbia University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis The Antique Made New: Commercial Classicism in Late Georgian Britain

Julia Lum, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Pacific Empire: Colonial Landscape Aesthetics and Oceania, 1788-1848

Kirsty Dootson, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Industrial Color: Chromatic Technologies in Britain, 1856-1971

Noah Gentele, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his doctoral thesis Napoleon and the Timelines of Modernity: The Form and Sense of the Past in France and Britain, 1783-1852

Sria Chatterjee, Princeton University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Making Nature Matter: case studies in the politics of art and ecology in modern India

Research Support Grants

Boris Sokolov for research on British Sources for European and Russian Landscaping, Enlightenment to Romanticism

Brett Culbert for research on Britain's Imperial Prospects and the Aesthetic Origins of the Scenographia Americana (1725-1775)

Caroline Dakers for research on Recovering Fonthill: a cultural history

Claire Shepherd for research on Surface Tensions: the painting techniques of Prunella Clough

Dervla MacManus for research on Architectural Reveries: The Lantern Slides of Frederick Henry Evans

Hilary Matthews for research on How did the British livestock paintings of the Nineteenth Century function within the society that produced them?

Jennifer Chuong for research on The Projective Surface: Mottled Ceramic Surfaces in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain

Julien Domercq for research on From Noble to Ignoble Savage: Early British Representations of the Pacific in Australian Collections

Lisa Haber-Thomson for research on Architecture and judicial procedure in British prison buildings of the early 19th century

Meaghan Whitehead for research on Painted Cycles in the Residences of Henry III of England, 1216-1272

Oliver Fearon for research on Shield of Light: The Making and Experience of Heraldic Stained Glass Windows in the Houses of England's Minor Gentry c.1460-1620

Sarah Hendriks for research on Buildings for Music in London: 1660-1750

Sileas Wood for research on John Brand: Antiquary and Artist

Sophie Elisabeth Morris for research on Drawn and Quartered: Anatomy and Print Culture in Seventeenth-Century London

Stephen Barber for research on Eadweard Muybridge at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

Tamsin Foulkes for research on Transcribing James Thornhill's Paris Notebook, 1717

Tom Young for research on Autonomy to Assimilation: Art and the Politics of the East India Company 1813-1858

Veronica Uribe for research on Joseph Brown junior and his travels in Colombia (1826-41)

Educational Programme Grants

Tate grant towards a workshop on John Constable’s ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’

University of Edinburgh, ESALA grant towards a workshop on The 1980s in Britain: Towards an Architectural History

The Hepworth Wakefield grant towards a symposium on Stanley Spencer: British Modernism and Religion

University of York grant towards a conference on Sargentology: New Perspectives on the Works of John Singer Sargent

Dulwich Picture Gallery grant towards a symposium on Never get Married!: A woman's experience of art institutions and the British art establishment between the wars

London College of Fashion grant towards a conference on Exploring queer cultures and lifestyles in the creative arts in Britain c.1885-1967

Royal Institute of British Architects grant towards a workshop on Leslie Martin - Art, Architecture and Academia

Kingston University grant towards a symposium on Eadweard Muybridge in Kingston 1894-1904

University of East Anglia grant towards a conference on The Medieval Churches of Norwich

Vivid Projects towards a symposium on AUTOICON: Reimaging Donald Rodney