• At the Spring 2018 meeting of the Centre‚Äôs Advisory Council the following Fellowships and Grants were awarded:

Senior Fellowships

Carol Richardson, University of Edinburgh, to prepare her book The Last English Catholic Church Remaining in the World: Art and Sacred Geography in the 1580s 

Elizabeth McKellar, Open University, to prepare her book John Summerson: A Cultural Biography 

Tim Clayton, to prepare his book James Gillray and the Business of Satire 

Rome Fellowship

Francesco Ventrella, University of Sussex, for research in Rome on Performing Ancient Sculpture: Vernon Lee and Psychological Aesthetics

Mid-Career Fellowships

Chloe Wigston Smith, University of York, to prepare her book Women and Entangled Things in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World 

Deirdre Jackson, University of Cambridge, to prepare her book Picturing Speech in English Illuminated Manuscripts before 1500 

Katie Lloyd Thomas, Newcastle University, to prepare her book The Architect as Shopper 

Gemma Romain, to prepare her book Berto Pasuka and Queer Black British Art

Juliet Carey, Waddesdon Manor, to prepare her book Boys in Satin: Gainsborough and ‘Van Dyck’ Dress 

Marius Kwint, University of Portsmouth, to prepare his book British Art on the Brain: Neuroscience and Visual Art in the UK since 1970 

Morna O’Neill, Wake Forest University, to prepare her book Art and Brutality: British Art and Industrial Manufacture, 1820-1851 

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Alexander Collins, University of Edinburgh, to prepare his book Magnifying the Mass: Scale, Space and Ritual Experience of the Late Medieval Missal 

Anjalie Dalal-Clayton, University of the Arts London, to prepare her book Curating Black British Art: Exhibition Cultures Since the 1980s 

Charlotte Drew, University of Bristol, to prepare her book Displaying Italian Sculpture: South Kensington Reimagined 

David Trigg, to prepare his book A Slow-Cooked Bird: Ben Nicholson and the Penguin Modern Painters 

Freya Gowrley, University of Edinburgh, to prepare her book Collage before Modernism: Art, Intimacy and Identity in Britain and North America, 1680-1912 

Giulia Smith, The Courtauld Institute of Art, to prepare her book Women of Tomorrow 

Irit Katz, University of Cambridge, will prepare her work on Camps in Mandatory Palestine which will be included in her monograph on camps as an architectural instrument in Israel-Palestine

Merlin Seller, to prepare his book Material Memory: The Late Work of Walter Sickert 1927-42

Moran Sheleg, University College London, to prepare her book Bridget Riley’s Grey Zones 

Serena Dyer, University of Warwick, to prepare her book Material Lives and Material Literacies: Women, Consumption, and Textiles in England, 1750-1820 

Yuthika Sharma, University of Edinburgh, In the realm of Kings and Sahibs: The Delhi School and Anglo-Mughal Painting  

Junior Fellowships

Aleksandr Bierig to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his dissertation The Ashes of the City: Energy, Economy, and the London Coal Exchange

Carly Boxer to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her dissertation It owip to be lokid: The Visual Culture of English Medicine 

Christine Olson to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her dissertation Owen Jones and the Epistemologies of Victorian Design 

Erika Dupont to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her dissertation English Art and France during the Interwar Period: Presence and Reception of English Artists in Paris from 1919 to 1939 

Jackson Davidow to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his dissertation Viral Visions: Art, Epidemiology, and Spatial Practices in the Global AIDS Pandemic 

Michal Goldschmidt to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Interwar Explorations of Empire and British Identity: Studies of Modernism in Mandate Palestine 

Nicholas Robbins to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his dissertation Oceans of Air: Landscape and the Production of Climate in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World 

Salvatore Dellaria to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his dissertation James Stirling’s Southgate Estate and Architecture under Constraint in Postwar and Postmodern Britain, 1946-1992  

Terra-PMC Fellowship

Alison Clarke, University of Liverpool and National Gallery, London, to conduct research in the United States for a book chapter and article British Art Dealers and American Museums: David Croal Thomson’s 1898 Visit to the United States 

Educational Programme Grants

Impressions Gallery of Photography to support the Feed Your Mind lecture series 

Association for Art History to support the (Re)-forming Sculpture symposium 

Irish Georgian Society to support the Irish Silver in the Georgian Age conference 

Kunstmuseum Basel to support the Drama and Theatre lecture series 

The Hepworth Wakefield to support the Surrealism in Britain, 1925-155 conference 

Manchester Metropolitan University to support the Post-war modernist infrastructure conference 

University of Leeds to support The Gregory Fellowships symposium 

UCL Art Museum to support the Making Ends Meet: Women in Art Education symposium 

The Art Libraries Society UK & Ireland  to support The Art Libraries Society UK & Ireland (ARLIS) conference 

Turner Contemporary to support the Patrick Heron: His Painting Now symposium 

Museum of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge to support The Humility of Plaster conference 

Research Support Grants

Avigail Moss Actuarial Imaginaries of Art and Empire, 1800-1914 

Brittany Luberda Hardstones on Fragile Surfaces: Negotiating Neoclassicism in the 1760s 

Christopher McGeorge Mediums for the Masses: Stained Glass and Murals in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction 

Corinne Silva Lines in the Landscape: Ruins and Reveals in Britain 

Emily Pegues The armored body and sculptural practice in medieval English brass tomb effigies 

Grace Aneiza Ali Frank Bowling: Mother’s House 

Kate Keohane Édouard Glissant 

Kate Retford The Print Room in the Eighteenth-Century Country House 

Kelly Presutti Strategic Vision: Artists in the Service of the Royal Navy 

Ksenia Soboleva Lesbian Artists & the AIDS Crisis: Tessa Boffin 

Lydia Miller Forging Identity: Ambrose McEvoy (1877-1927) and the development of modern British portraiture 

Maria Quinata Heritage Sites: Zones of Leisure, Spaces of Desire 

Pamella Guerdat A Heritage Under Construction: René Gimpel (1881-1945) and the Development of Private and Public Collections 

Rachel Warriner Feminist art, the Troubles and the politics of space: Nancy Spero at the Orchard Gallery, Derry 

Renate Dohmen Colonial Art in British India: Power, Gender and Race under the Raj 

Roisin Astell From Corporeal to Divine Vision: Imagining the Spiritual Journey in Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Paris and Beyond

Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi The medical missionaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) as trust builders 

Sarah Crellin The Royal Academy, The Home Office and the Artists’ Refugee Committee: establishments, alliances and interned émigré artists in World War Two 

Tom Nickson Mapping Becket 

Tyler Jo Smith Collecting Sir John Soane’s ‘Antique’ Vases