• At the Spring 2019 meeting of the Centre‚Äôs Advisory Council the following Fellowships and Grants were awarded:

Senior Fellowships

  1. Julian Stallabras, Courtauld Institute of Art, for the project Art in the Age of Populism: The Predicament of British Culture 
  2. Lynda Nead, Birkbeck, for the project British Blonde: Glamour, Desire and Femininity in Post-War Britain, 1945-70 
  3. Sigrid de Jong, Leiden University, for the project The Emergence of Architectural Experience in London and Paris, 1750-1815 

Mid-Career Fellowships

  1. Alexandra Kokoli, Middlesex University, for the project The Virtual Feminist Museum of Greenham Common 
  2. Anne Hultzsch, for the project Architecture and the Female Eye Witness: Maria Graham’s Writings on India and South America, 1808-1826 
  3. Catriona Murray, University of Edinburgh, for the project Figuring Stuart Monarchy: Monumental Sculpture and the Royal Image, 1603-1819 
  4. Charlotte de Mille, Courtauld Institute of Art, for the project Bergson in Britain 
  5. Felicity Myrone, British Library, for the project Art in the Library 
  6. Jacqueline Riding, for the project Hogarth & the Jacobites 
  7. Sarah James, for the project The Militant & The Mainstream: Remaking British Photographic Culture 

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  1. Alexandra Parsons, University College London, for the project Luminous Presence: Derek Jarman’s Life-Writing 
  2. Alison Bennett, University College London, for the project Material Cultures of British Imperialism in Eastern Africa, c.1860-1960: A History of Ethnographic Collecting and Display 
  3. Edward Webb-Ingall, for the project Video Activism Before the Internet: 1969-1993 (working title)
  4. Ella S Mills, for the project Black Women Artists: Voices of Resistance, Strategies of Creation 
  5. Eva Bentcheva, Haus der Kunst, for the project Performing Cultural Politices: Histories of British South Asian Performance Art
  6. Harry Willis Fleming, for the project Richard Cockle Lucas: The Artist in the Tower 
  7. Katherine Reinhart, University of Cambridge, for the project Copying Natural Knowledge: William Faithorne, Weceslaus Hollarm and the early Royal Society 
  8. Louisa Lee, Fordham University, for the project Class Teaching: Art School Magazines in Britain 
  9. Madeleine Pelling, University of York, for the project The Portland Museum: Bluestocking Collecting, Craft and Conversation, c.1770-1786 
  10. Nicholas Helm-Grovas, for the project Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen: Meta-language and Counter-cinema 
  11. Richard Brook, Manchester School of Architecture, for the project The Renewal of Post-War Manchester: Architecture, Planning and the State 
  12. Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi, University of Edinburgh, for the project A “Chain” of Affective Architecture: the case of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) hospitals in a Muslin World 
  13. Sophie Kelly, for the project Imagining the Unimaginable: The Trinity in Medieval English Art 
  14. Thomas Hughes, Courtauld Institute of Art, for the project Curious Beauty: John Ruskin, Walter Pater, Aestheticism 
  15. Yichi Zhang, University of Technology, Sydney, for the project The Parlor of the Metropolis Public Parks and Open Space in the British Concessions of China, 1842-1937 

Junior Fellowships

  1. Adrienne Rooney, Rice University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Art History and the Underside of Landscape: Discourses of "the Folk" and "Fine Art" in the 20th Century Circum-Caribbean 
  2. Avigail Moss, University of South California, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Actuarial Imaginaries of Art and Empire, 1800-1914 
  3. Elis Gabriela Mendoza, Princeton University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project From Refuge to Shelter: Frederick Cuny's Humanitarian Architecture as Deferred Utopia
  4. Hannah Kahng, University of California to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project This Film Which Is Not One: Intersections of Expanded Cinema and Feminism, 1970-1979 
  5. Judith Stapleton, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for for the project William Orpen: Modernist 
  6. Nushelle de Silva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Protocols for the Permanently Peripatetic: The Emergence of the Globally Circulating Exhibition, 1946-1980 
  7. Shirlynn Sham, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Visual Modernity and the Industrial Subterranean, 1826 - 1941 
  8. Tara Contractor, Yale University to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project British Gilt: Gold in Painting 1790-1914 

Terra-PMC Fellowship

  1. Amy Tobin, University of Cambridge, for the project Sisterhood: Art and Feminism in Britain and the United States, 1968-1980 

Educational Programme Grants

  1. New Contemporaries to support the New Contemporaries 70 Years Young symposium 
  2. Impressions Gallery of Photography to support the Feed Your Mind lecture series 
  3. Kingston University to support the Frascari Symposium IV: The Secret Lives of Architectural Drawings and Models: From Translating to Archiving, Collecting and Display 
  4. British School at Rome to support the Cardinal Alessandro Albani and the British: art and cultural diplomacy in Rome of the Grand Tour symposium 
  5. Leo Baeck Institute London to support the Innovation and Acculturation conference 
  6. The Modernist Society to support the Modernist Society 10th Anniversary Lecture Day 
  7. Tate Britain to support Inner Rhythms: Britain and the Bauhaus (working title) symposium
  8. Association for Art History to support the Photography & Printed Matter Summer Symposium 

Research Support Grants

  1. Aimee Caya Documenting Medieval Monumental Brasses in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire 
  2. Anna Arabindan-Kesson The Viral and The Virus: Infectious Intimacies of Skin and Empire 
  3. Caitlin Beach The Abolitionist Image in Nineteenth-Century Sierra Leone 
  4. Christopher Williams-Wynn Conceptual art and information systems: Stephen Willats's art and social practice, 1968-1980 
  5. Claudia Hucke The “Englishness” of Windrush Generation Artists 
  6. Emily Smith Parkinson, Spöring, Tupaia, and the aesthetics of cross-cultural encounter on the Endeavour voyage, 1768-1771 
  7. Emma Merkling Evelyn De Morgan in Florence, 1895-1914 
  8. Gustavo Grandal Montero Concrete poetry, Henri Chopin and developments in sound and performance art in Britain during the 1960s 
  9. Isabelle Mooney Ruin to Reconstruction: Post-War British Art in the Transnational Field 
  10. Jennifer Dudley Exploring Castlemilk Womanhouse 
  11. Jennifer Sarathy Black British Art's Expanded Cartographies 
  12. Ludovic Jouvet British medals in books: the portraits as image of a nation 
  13. Mira Waits Patterning the Prison: Convict Carpets in Colonial India 
  14. Myles Campbell Vicereines of Ireland: The Women behind the Throne 
  15. Nicole Blackwood Cornelis Ketel in England between 1573–1581 
  16. Paula Murphy John Henry Foley's work for the Confederate States of America in the 1860s 
  17. Richard Hudson-Miles The Art of Hornsey '68 
  18. Rixt Woudstra Planning 'Multi-Racial' Cities: Leonard Thornton-White's Designs for British East Africa 
  19. Shijia Yu Amusing, Interesting and Curious: A Study of English Paper Peepshows, 1825-1851 
  20. Steve Edwards British daguerreotypes - Antoine Claudet 
  21. Suchitra Choudhury Faking it? : British Art's Love Affair with Indian Shawls 
  22. Sylvia Houghteling The Entangled Textile Histories of Britain and South Asia, 1688-1886 
  23. Ying Lu (Lucy) Wang Dissertation chapter, "From Garrisoned District to Chinese Town: An Architectural History of the Kowloon Walled City, 1898-1912" (working title) 
  24. Zalina Tetermazova Crossing the Bourders of Empires: Printmaking Practice of Gavriil Skorodumov and James Walker in the Context of British-Russian Cultural Relations