• At the spring 2021 meeting of the Centre‚Äôs Advisory Council the following fellowships and grants were awarded:

Senior Fellowships

  • Steve Edwards (Birkbeck) for the project ‘Daguerreotypes: Patents, Persons & Portraits’
  • Tanya Harrod for the project ‘Extreme Culture: The Artistic and Political Lives of Margaret and Rolf Gardiner’
  • Kathryn Ann Smith (New York University) for the project ‘Scripture Transformed in Late Medieval England: The Religious, Artistic and Social Worlds of the Welles-Ros Bible’

Mid-Career Fellowships

  • John Munns (University of Cambridge) for the project ‘The Art of Norman England’
  • Robert Proctor (University of Bath) for the project ‘Percy Thomas: Modern Architecture as National Service’
  • Lucy Reynolds (University of Westminster) for the project ‘When Film Threads through a Sewing Machine: Film, Video and Feminism in London from Reel Time (1973) to Johnny Panic (1999)’
  • Hope Wolf (University of Sussex) for the project ‘Sussex Modernism’

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Meg Bernstein (Yale Institute of Sacred Music) for the project ‘A Living Church: Building the English Medieval Parish, 1150–1300, 1280–1340'
  • Tom Bromwell (University of York) for the project ‘Visions of an Ending: Eschatology, Apocalypse, and Millennium in Interwar British Art and Visual Culture’ 
  • Alistair Cartwright (Birkbeck) for the project ‘The Architecture of the Rented World: Unmaking and Remaking the Terraced House in Postwar London, 1945–65’ 
  • Edwin Coomasaru for the project ‘Masculinity and Apocalypticism in British Art, 1967–2020’
  • Lotte Crawford for the project ‘The Modern Craftsman's Fingers, From The Handloom To Innovations in Indigo: Two Studies on Anglo-Indian textile relations of the 1910s’
  • Nicolas Helm-Grovas (King’s College London) for the project ‘Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen: Metalanguage and Counter-cinema’
  • Richard Hudson-Miles for the project ‘1968: British Art and Culture in a Year of Revolutions’
  • Laurel Peterson for the project ‘Making Spaces: Art in the Whig Country House, 1688–1745’
  • Ben Pollitt for the project ‘In Sympathy's Wake: Dissonance and Attachment in John Webber's Atlas’
  • Alexandra Quantrill (Columbia University) for the project ‘Electric Women: The Techno-Feminist Modernism of the Electrical Association for Women’
  • Jennifer Shurville for the project ‘Drawing the Invisible: Diagrams and the Generation of Knowledge in Medieval England, c. 1200–1400’

Junior Fellowships

  • Tobah Auckland (The Graduate Center) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project ‘Mineral Landscapes: The Mine and British Modernism’ 
  • Meghaa Ballakrishnen (John Hopkins University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project ‘Abstraction by Analogy: Nasreen Mohamedi, Geeta Kapur, and the Subject after Feminism, 1950–1990’
  • Zoë Dostal (Columbia University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project ‘Rope, Linen, Thread: Gender, Labor, and the Textile Industry in Eighteenth-Century British Art’
  • Hannah Kaemmer (Harvard University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project ‘Expertise and Empire: Fortification Building and the Board of Ordnance during the English Restoration’
  • Mirna Mederal (University of Zagreb) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project ‘The Collector: Research into Provenance of Artworks from the A. T. Mimara Collection’
  • Sarah Weston (Yale University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project ‘Wild Form: Shape, Number, and the Romantic Reinvention of Space’  

PMC Research Collections Fellowship

  • Hans Hönes for the project ‘Fundaments of Knowledge: Art History in Britain c. 1940–70’ 

Rome Fellowship 

  • Tommaso Zerbi to spend time at the British School at Rome to research their project 'Gothic Revival Atop the Heirlooms of Antiquity: Villa Mills and the Palatine Hill, c.1818–1926'

Event Support Grants

  • Association for Art History to support the online event ‘Global Britain: Decolonising Art’s Histories’ 
  • Ben Uri Gallery and Museum to support the online event ‘Becoming Gustav Metzger’
  • Furniture History Society to support the Furniture History Society online lecture programme 
  • International Curators Forum to support the online event ‘Liberation Begins in the Imagination’
  • National Museums Liverpool to support the online event ‘Curating Queerly: Documenting British LGBT+ Art Exhibitions’
  • Royal College of Art to support the symposium ‘Watchwords: John Furnival and Text (as) Art’
  • Royal College of Art to support the online event ‘PhD Programme, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art’ 
  • University of York and Tate Britain to support the online event ‘The Spatial 18th Century: Rethinking Urban Networks and Maps’

Research Support Grants

  • Siobhan Angus toward research costs for the project ‘Camera Geologica: Materiality, Resource Extraction, and Photography’
  • Abigail Breeze Barrington toward research costs for the project ‘Patrons and Muses: Women in the Arts, 1580–1630’ 
  • Deepthi Bathala toward research costs for the project ‘Transporting Landscapes: Objects and Spaces of Global Food Transfers’
  • Eloise Bennett toward research costs for the project ‘Material Threads, Ink Lines – Women’s Concrete Poetry in Britain, 1960–80’ 
  • Sonali Dhanpal toward research costs for the project ‘Mapping the Architecture of Bangalore City’
  • Inga Fraser toward research costs for the exhibition Bloomsbury and Cinema
  • Marta Herrero toward research costs for the project ‘Women Artists and Female Philanthropy: Artists' Benevolent Fund, 1810–1900’ 
  • Jenny Lund toward research costs for the project ‘Research into Helen Chadwick’s Early Super-8 Film Domestic Sanitation (1976)’
  • Julie Park toward research costs for the project ‘18th-Century Extra-Illustrated Books and the Art of Writing’
  • Andrey Shabanov toward research costs for the project ‘The Impact of Britain’s Pioneering Museum of Art and Design on Europe and Russia’
  • Gemma Shearwood toward research costs for the project ‘Commemorating Imperialism in Westminster Abbey 1661–1832’
  • Zachary Stewart toward research costs for the project ‘Collaborative Gothic: Perpendicular Architecture, Identity, and Community in the English Parish Church, 1350–1550’ 
  • Frederika Tevebring toward research costs for the project ‘Matriarchal Past and Modernist Futures at the 1951 Festival of Britain’
  • Dustin Valen toward research costs for the project ‘Climate, Bathing, and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century Britain’
  • Ellice Wu toward research costs for the project ‘The Performative Muse: Angelica Kauffman’s London Self-Portraits, 1766–1781’
  • Allison Young toward research costs for the project ‘Solidarity: Gavin Jantjes, Anti-Apartheid, and the Postwar Avant-Garde’