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Publication: The Renaissance Reform of the Book and Britain by David Rundle

  • 28 May 2019

The Renaissance Reform of the Book and Britain, a new book by David Rundle which has been supported by a Paul Mellon Centre Publication Grant, is now available to purchase here from Cambridge University Press.

What has fifteenth-century England to do with the Renaissance? By challenging accepted notions of 'medieval' and 'early modern' David Rundle proposes a new understanding of English engagement with the Renaissance. He does so by focussing on one central element of the humanist agenda – the reform of the script and of the book more generally – to demonstrate a tradition of engagement from the 1430s into the early sixteenth century. Introducing a cast-list of scribes and collectors who are not only English and Italian but also Scottish, Dutch and German, this study sheds light on the cosmopolitanism central to the success of the humanist agenda. Questioning accepted narratives of the slow spread of the Renaissance from Italy to other parts of Europe, Rundle suggests new possibilities for the fields of manuscript studies and the study of Renaissance humanism.

David also received a Rome Fellowship from the Centre that contributed to the research for this work.