One Terra-PMC Fellowship, sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art, and administered by the Paul Mellon Centre, is offered annually. This four-month Fellowship award is designed to facilitate original, rigorous and exciting scholarship that investigates an aspect of the artistic dialogue between Britain and the United States from any period up to 1980. 


One Terra-PMC Fellowship will be offered annually to allow a scholar to pursue research on an aspect of British-American artistic exchange. Instituted as part of a growing collaboration between the Paul Mellon Centre and the Terra Foundation, this Fellowship is designed to facilitate original, rigorous and exciting new scholarship in this area, and is open to researchers working on an aspect of the artistic relationship between Britain and the United States, from any period up to 1980. The fellowship cannot be used to support research in the fields of archaeology, the current practice of architecture or the performing arts. 


The Terra-PMC Fellowship is to be sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art, and administered and disbursed by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London. The Fellowship is for an individual employed at a College, University, Museum or Archive, or for an independent scholar. Candidates may be of any nationality, although US citizens are not eligible for this award. The award is open to a range of individuals, from early-career post-doctoral scholars to those who are internationally recognised in their field of expertise. The Paul Mellon Centre will make allowance for applicants who have had a career break or who are established scholars without doctorates. Applicants are expected to provide details of the proposed outcomes of their research in their application.

The Fellowship must be taken in the 2019/2020 academic year between September 2019 and September 2020. The Fellowship cannot be deferred to later academic years nor can it run concurrently with a Fellowship awarded by another institution.

The PMC will undertake to administer all aspects of the Fellowship, including the disbursal of funds. The Terra-PMC Fellow will be expected to present their research before a scholarly audience at some point during or shortly after the fellowship. Within six months of completion of the Terra-PMC Fellowship the Terra-PMC Fellow will submit a final written report to be circulated to the Trustees of the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Advisory Council of the Paul Mellon Centre.

This category of award is available to individual applicants only.


The Terra-PMC Fellowship will provide an annual honorarium of £9,500. The award can be used towards replacement teaching costs at the Fellow’s home institution, or for replacement curatorial staff, if required. The honorarium will be paid directly in a lump sum to independent scholars. The Centre does not pay full economic costs. If an independent Terra-PMC Fellow accepts full-time employment during the period of the Terra-PMC Fellowship, the Centre will request an appropriate reimbursement of the award. Applicants will need to provide a detailed description of how the Fellowship would be spent in their application.


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