• At the autumn 2022 meeting of the Centre’s Advisory Council the following fellowships and grants were awarded:

Collaborative Project Grants

  • Arts Council Collection and Department of Art History, University of Birmingham for the project Mapping the Collection
  • University of East Anglia and Loughborough University London towards collaborative research for the project Exhibiting Oceans in the UK Today

Curatorial Research Grants

  • Turner Contemporary to help support a research curator to work on the project Resistance
  • Royal Academy to help support a research curator to work on the project Entangled Pasts: The Royal Academy, Enslavement and Empire
  • Drawing Room to help support a research curator to work on the project The Time of Our Lives
  • Museum of the Home to help support a research curator to work on the project Homes Through Time
  • Victoria and Albert Museum to help support a research curator to work on the project Hubs, Nodes and Networks: A New History of British Digital Art

Digital Project Grants

  • University of Lincoln towards a digital research project focused on architectural illusionistic spaces at Beverley Minster and Lincoln Cathedral, through the project Morphing Virtual Spaces: Medieval Architecture and Illusion
  • Tate Galleries towards the digitisation and online publication of the collage scrapbook of Alison Smithson, through the project Alison’s Mind: A Collage Scrapbook of Postcolonial Imagery on Old England
  • Four Corners Gallery towards the digital project focused on the Half Moon Photography Workshop’s touring exhibitions from 1976 – 1984, through the project On the Move: Digital Archive Project

Publication Grants

  • Rosamond Allwood (North Herts Council) Title: Camden Town to Garden City: The Letchworth paintings of Gilman, Gore and Ratcliffe
  • Jeffrey Auerbach (Bloomsbury) Title: William Simpson's Underground Empire
  • Gemma Brace and Simon Grant (Lund Humphries and Royal West of England Academy) Title: Paule Vézelay: Living Lines
  • Clare Carolin (Routledge/Taylor and Francis and Co.) Title: The Deployment of Art: The Imperial War Museum's Artistic Records Committee
  • John-Joseph Charlesworth (Routledge) Title: The Mediation of Art in Britain 1968–1976: The Critical War
  • Catherine Lord (No Place Press) Title: The Effect of Tropical Light on White Men
  • Samia Malik (Book Works) Title: Women of Colour Index Reading Group
  • David King (The Lutterworth Press) Title: Through a Glass Brightly
  • Feargal Fitzpatrick (University College Dublin Press) Title: The Politics of the Image: Ireland, Landscape and Nineteenth-Century Photography
  • Ann-Marie Foster (Oxford University Press) Family Mourning after War and Disaster in Early Twentieth Century Britain
  • Daniel Fountain (Bloomsbury) Title: Queer Crafts: Materiality, Identity and Contemporary Practices
  • Elisabeth Gernerd (Bloomsbury Academic/Bloomsbury Visual Arts) Title: The Modern Venus: Dress, Underwear and Accessories in 1770s and 1780s Atlantic World
  • Joy Gregory (MACK) Title: Shining Lights
  • Editors: Thomas Hughes & Emma Merkling (Routledge) The Victorian Idyll in Art and Literature: Ecology, Matter, Form
  • Marcus Jack (LUX Moving Image/LUX Scotland) Artists' Moving Image in Scotland
  • Amy Tobin (Yale University Press London) Women Artists Together: Feminism, Art and Collaboration in the Age of Women’s Liberation
  • Nilina Deb Lal (The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland) Title: Building Imperial Calcutta: Making the Capital of British India, 1880–1911
  • Gill Perry (Reaktion Books) Title: Islands and Contemporary Art
  • Mels Evers (Tate Publishing) Title: Church of the Poison Mind: Queer Art and Club Culture in 1980s Britain
  • Editor: Dr Abi Shapiro (The Hepworth Wakefield, in collaboration with A Practice for Everyday Life) Title: Kim Lim
  • Editors: Alice Correia, Anjalie Dalal-Clayton and Elizabeth Robles (Routledge) Title: Interventions in British Art History: Critical Essays on Artists of African, Caribbean, and Asian Descent
  • Editor: Andrew Saint (Victorian Society and/or Liverpool University Press) Title: French Architecture and the English 1837–1914
  • Mark Webb (Sean Tyas) Title: The St Mary's Hall Tapestry, Coventry
  • Elain Harwood and Alan Powers (Liverpool University Press) Title: Ernö Goldfinger
  • Hope Wolf (Yale University Press) Title: Sussex Modernism

Andrew Wyld Research Support Grants

  • Ellen Smith towards research travel costs for the project Artistic Maritime and Craft Cultures: Drawing and Crafting Artistic Representations of Imperial Voyages throughout the Long Nineteenth Century

  • Alexandra Solovyev towards research travel costs for the project William Simpson: Constructing Modernity: Visual Representations of the British Railways in Western Anatolia, 1850–1890

Research Support Grants

  • Abigail Breeze Barrington towards research costs for the project Patrons and Muses: Women in the Arts, 1577–1688
  • James Bettley towards costs to conduct research on English Churches on the Continent
  • Altair Brandon-Salmon towards costs to conduct research on the representation of East End bombsites in British post-war photography. Research title: Strange Worlds: London, 1940–1994
  • George Charman towards costs to conduct research on the Edward James’ archive and his contribution to speculative sculpture and experimental architecture
  • Oliver Coulson towards costs to conduct research on angel roof sculpture and Lollard anti-sacramentalism
  • Lexington Davis towards research costs for the project Between the Kitchen and the Factory: Margaret Harrison’s “Homeworkers” Project
  • Emily Doucet towards research costs for the project “Kodak Created…the Empire Adopts”: The Airgraph in British Visual Culture
  • Miguel Gaete Caceres towards research costs for the project British Artists in Valparaiso: A Survey of Artworks, Bibliographic Material and Research Resources in London, Surrey, Hull, and Glasgow
  • Luke Gartlan towards research costs for the project Paper Empires: St Andrews and Early Victorian Photography
  • Carter Jackson towards research costs for the project Constructing Commerce, Knowledge, and Empire: The Architecture of the Imperial Institute
  • Holly Marsden towards research costs for the project Archival Research in the Netherlands for “The Multiple Identities of Queen Mary II”
  • Michael Moore-Jones towards research costs for the project Connell and Ward in Modernist and Nationalist Debates
  • Simon Spier towards research costs for the project James Bandinel, Ceramics and Slavery
  • Hattie Spires towards research costs for the project Revisiting “Rhapsodies in Black”: British Art and the Harlem Renaissance, 1919–1939
  • Róisín Tapponi towards research costs for the project Erasing the First Intifada: Black Panther Party Graffiti in the Archives of Franki Raffles’ Lot’s wife (1992–4)
  • Nina Vollenbroker towards research costs for the project Deafening Space – Norms, Bodies and Architecture in Britain, 1850–1950

Event Support Grants

  • Touchstones, Rochdale to support a public talks programme focused on Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s. Programme title: A Tall Order!
  • The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, (UKAHT) to support a lecture on Architecture on Ice: The Hidden Story of Post-war Buildings in Antarctica
  • V&A Wedgwood Collection (Barlaston) and V&A South Kensington (London) to support a symposium focused on the V&A Wedgwood Collection
  • Faculty of English, University of Cambridge to support a workshop focused on radical art in Cambridge
  • Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton to support a conference focused on the fortieth anniversary of the First Black Art Convention. Project title: Form, Function, Future