• At the autumn 2022 meeting of the Centre’s Advisory Council the following fellowships and grants were awarded:

Collaborative Project Grants

  1. Arts Council Collection and Department of Art History, University of Birmingham for the project Mapping the Collection
  2. University of East Anglia and Loughborough University London towards collaborative research for the project Exhibiting Oceans in the UK Today

Curatorial Research Grants

  1. Turner Contemporary to help support a research curator to work on the project Resistance
  2. Royal Academy to help support a research curator to work on the project Entangled Pasts: The Royal Academy, Enslavement and Empire
  3. Drawing Room to help support a research curator to work on the project The Time of Our Lives
  4. Museum of the Home to help support a research curator to work on the project Homes Through Time
  5. Victoria and Albert Museum to help support a research curator to work on the project Hubs, Nodes and Networks: A New History of British Digital Art

Digital Project Grants

  1. University of Lincoln towards a digital research project focused on architectural illusionistic spaces at Beverley Minster and Lincoln Cathedral, through the project Morphing Virtual Spaces: Medieval Architecture and Illusion
  2. Tate Galleries towards the digitisation and online publication of the collage scrapbook of Alison Smithson, through the project Alison’s Mind: A Collage Scrapbook of Postcolonial Imagery on Old England
  3. Four Corners Gallery towards the digital project focused on the Half Moon Photography Workshop’s touring exhibitions from 1976 – 1984, through the project On the Move: Digital Archive Project

Publication Grants

  1. Rosamond Allwood (North Herts Council) Title: Camden Town to Garden City: The Letchworth paintings of Gilman, Gore and Ratcliffe
  2. Jeffrey Auerbach (Bloomsbury) Title: William Simpson's Underground Empire
  3. Gemma Brace and Simon Grant (Lund Humphries and Royal West of England Academy) Title: Paule Vézelay: Living Lines
  4. Clare Carolin (Routledge/Taylor and Francis and Co.) Title: The Deployment of Art: The Imperial War Museum's Artistic Records Committee
  5. John-Joseph Charlesworth (Routledge) Title: The Mediation of Art in Britain 1968–1976: The Critical War
  6. Catherine Lord (No Place Press) Title: The Effect of Tropical Light on White Men
  7. Samia Malik (Book Works) Title: Women of Colour Index Reading Group
  8. David King (The Lutterworth Press) Title: Through a Glass Brightly
  9. Feargal Fitzpatrick (University College Dublin Press) Title: The Politics of the Image: Ireland, Landscape and Nineteenth-Century Photography
  10. Ann-Marie Foster (Oxford University Press) Family Mourning after War and Disaster in Early Twentieth Century Britain
  11. Daniel Fountain (Bloomsbury) Title: Queer Crafts: Materiality, Identity and Contemporary Practices
  12. Elisabeth Gernerd (Bloomsbury Academic/Bloomsbury Visual Arts) Title: The Modern Venus: Dress, Underwear and Accessories in 1770s and 1780s Atlantic World
  13. Joy Gregory (MACK) Title: Shining Lights
  14. Editors: Thomas Hughes & Emma Merkling (Routledge) The Victorian Idyll in Art and Literature: Ecology, Matter, Form
  15. Marcus Jack (LUX Moving Image/LUX Scotland) Artists' Moving Image in Scotland
  16. Amy Tobin (Yale University Press London) Women Artists Together: Feminism, Art and Collaboration in the Age of Women’s Liberation
  17. Nilina Deb Lal (The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland) Title: Building Imperial Calcutta: Making the Capital of British India, 1880–1911
  18. Gill Perry (Reaktion Books) Title: Islands and Contemporary Art
  19. Mels Evers (Tate Publishing) Title: Church of the Poison Mind: Queer Art and Club Culture in 1980s Britain
  20. Editor: Dr Abi Shapiro (The Hepworth Wakefield, in collaboration with A Practice for Everyday Life) Title: Kim Lim
  21. Editors: Alice Correia, Anjalie Dalal-Clayton and Elizabeth Robles (Routledge) Title: Interventions in British Art History: Critical Essays on Artists of African, Caribbean, and Asian Descent
  22. Editor: Andrew Saint (Victorian Society and/or Liverpool University Press) Title: French Architecture and the English 1837–1914
  23. Mark Webb (Sean Tyas) Title: The St Mary's Hall Tapestry, Coventry
  24. Elain Harwood and Alan Powers (Liverpool University Press) Title: Ernö Goldfinger
  25. Hope Wolf (Yale University Press) Title: Sussex Modernism

Andrew Wyld Research Support Grants

  1. Ellen Smith towards research travel costs for the project Artistic Maritime and Craft Cultures: Drawing and Crafting Artistic Representations of Imperial Voyages throughout the Long Nineteenth Century

  2. Alexandra Solovyev towards research travel costs for the project William Simpson: Constructing Modernity: Visual Representations of the British Railways in Western Anatolia, 1850–1890

Research Support Grants

  1. Abigail Breeze Barrington towards research costs for the project Patrons and Muses: Women in the Arts, 1577–1688
  2. James Bettley towards costs to conduct research on English Churches on the Continent
  3. Altair Brandon-Salmon towards costs to conduct research on the representation of East End bombsites in British post-war photography. Research title: Strange Worlds: London, 1940–1994
  4. George Charman towards costs to conduct research on the Edward James’ archive and his contribution to speculative sculpture and experimental architecture
  5. Oliver Coulson towards costs to conduct research on angel roof sculpture and Lollard anti-sacramentalism
  6. Lexington Davis towards research costs for the project Between the Kitchen and the Factory: Margaret Harrison’s “Homeworkers” Project
  7. Emily Doucet towards research costs for the project “Kodak Created…the Empire Adopts”: The Airgraph in British Visual Culture
  8. Miguel Gaete Caceres towards research costs for the project British Artists in Valparaiso: A Survey of Artworks, Bibliographic Material and Research Resources in London, Surrey, Hull, and Glasgow
  9. Luke Gartlan towards research costs for the project Paper Empires: St Andrews and Early Victorian Photography
  10. Carter Jackson towards research costs for the project Constructing Commerce, Knowledge, and Empire: The Architecture of the Imperial Institute
  11. Holly Marsden towards research costs for the project Archival Research in the Netherlands for “The Multiple Identities of Queen Mary II”
  12. Michael Moore-Jones towards research costs for the project Connell and Ward in Modernist and Nationalist Debates
  13. Simon Spier towards research costs for the project James Bandinel, Ceramics and Slavery
  14. Hattie Spires towards research costs for the project Revisiting “Rhapsodies in Black”: British Art and the Harlem Renaissance, 1919–1939
  15. Róisín Tapponi towards research costs for the project Erasing the First Intifada: Black Panther Party Graffiti in the Archives of Franki Raffles’ Lot’s wife (1992–4)
  16. Nina Vollenbroker towards research costs for the project Deafening Space – Norms, Bodies and Architecture in Britain, 1850–1950

Event Support Grants

  1. Touchstones, Rochdale to support a public talks programme focused on Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s. Programme title: A Tall Order!
  2. The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, (UKAHT) to support a lecture on Architecture on Ice: The Hidden Story of Post-war Buildings in Antarctica
  3. V&A Wedgwood Collection (Barlaston) and V&A South Kensington (London) to support a symposium focused on the V&A Wedgwood Collection
  4. Faculty of English, University of Cambridge to support a workshop focused on radical art in Cambridge
  5. Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton to support a conference focused on the fortieth anniversary of the First Black Art Convention. Project title: Form, Function, Future