• At the spring 2016 meeting of the Centre’s Advisory Council the following Fellowships and Grants were awarded:

Mid-Career Fellowships

  • Isabelle Baudino, Magdalene College, Cambridge/ENS de Lyon, to prepare her book Imagining the Past: Historical Illustrations in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Joseph Monteyne, University of British Colombia, to prepare his book Gillray’s Romanticism: Vision and Violence in Late Georgian London
  • Mia Bagneris, Tulane University, to prepare her book Imagining the Oriental South: The Enslaved Mixed-Race Beauty in British Visual Culture after 1865
  • Mrinalini Rajagopalan, University of Pittsburgh, to prepare her book From Common Courtesan to Designing Dowager: The Architecture of Begum Samru, 1805-1836
  • Tessa Wild, to prepare her book Red House – William Morris’s ‘Palace of Art’

Rome Fellowship

  • Phillip Prodger, National Portrait Gallery, for research in Rome on the topic of Oscar Rejlander and British art photography in Rome

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Alice Dolan, School of Advanced Studies, University of London/UCL, to prepare her book The Fabric of Life: Linen and Life Cycle in English Daily Life, 1678-1810
  • Claudia Tobin, to prepare her book Modern Stillness
  • Devika Singh, University of Cambridge, to prepare her book Art in India in its Global Contexts
  • Irene Sunwoo, Chicago Architecture Biennial, to prepare her book Architectural Associations: A Continuing Experiment in Pedagogy
  • James Legard, to prepare his book Architecture and Ambition: The Building of Blenheim Palace
  • John Chu, National Trust, to prepare his book The Fortunes of Fancy Painting in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Louise Hardiman, to prepare her book The Firebird’s Flight: Russian Art in Britain, 1851-1917
  • Pandora Syperek, to prepare her book Jewels of the Natural History Museum: Gender, Display and the Nonhuman, 1851-1901
  • Rebecca Wade, to prepare her book Domenico Brucciani and the Formatori of Nineteenth-Century Britain

Junior Fellowships

  • Brigid von Preussen, Columbia University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis The Antique Made New: Commercial Classicism in Late Georgian Britain
  • Julia Lum, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Pacific Empire: Colonial Landscape Aesthetics and Oceania, 1788-1848
  • Kirsty Dootson, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Industrial Color: Chromatic Technologies in Britain, 1856-1971
  • Noah Gentele, Yale University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for his doctoral thesis Napoleon and the Timelines of Modernity: The Form and Sense of the Past in France and Britain, 1783-1852
  • Sria Chatterjee, Princeton University, to conduct research in the United Kingdom for her doctoral thesis Making Nature Matter: case studies in the politics of art and ecology in modern India

Research Support Grants

  • Boris Sokolov for research on British Sources for European and Russian Landscaping, Enlightenment to Romanticism
  • Brett Culbert for research on Britain's Imperial Prospects and the Aesthetic Origins of the Scenographia Americana (1725-1775)
  • Caroline Dakers for research on Recovering Fonthill: a cultural history
  • Claire Shepherd for research on Surface Tensions: the painting techniques of Prunella Clough
  • Dervla MacManus for research on Architectural Reveries: The Lantern Slides of Frederick Henry Evans
  • Hilary Matthews for research on How did the British livestock paintings of the Nineteenth Century function within the society that produced them?
  • Jennifer Chuong for research on The Projective Surface: Mottled Ceramic Surfaces in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Julien Domercq for research on From Noble to Ignoble Savage: Early British Representations of the Pacific in Australian Collections
  • Lisa Haber-Thomson for research on Architecture and judicial procedure in British prison buildings of the early 19th century
  • Meaghan Whitehead for research on Painted Cycles in the Residences of Henry III of England, 1216-1272
  • Oliver Fearon for research on Shield of Light: The Making and Experience of Heraldic Stained Glass Windows in the Houses of England's Minor Gentry c.1460-1620
  • Sarah Hendriks for research on Buildings for Music in London: 1660-1750
  • Sileas Wood for research on John Brand: Antiquary and Artist
  • Sophie Elisabeth Morris for research on Drawn and Quartered: Anatomy and Print Culture in Seventeenth-Century London
  • Stephen Barber for research on Eadweard Muybridge at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
  • Tamsin Foulkes for research on Transcribing James Thornhill's Paris Notebook, 1717
  • Tom Young for research on Autonomy to Assimilation: Art and the Politics of the East India Company 1813-1858
  • Veronica Uribe for research on Joseph Brown junior and his travels in Colombia (1826-41)

Educational Programme Grants

  • Tate grant towards a workshop on John Constable’s ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’
  • University of Edinburgh, ESALA grant towards a workshop on The 1980s in Britain: Towards an Architectural History
  • The Hepworth Wakefield grant towards a symposium on Stanley Spencer: British Modernism and Religion
  • University of York grant towards a conference on Sargentology: New Perspectives on the Works of John Singer Sargent
  • Dulwich Picture Gallery grant towards a symposium on Never get Married!: A woman's experience of art institutions and the British art establishment between the wars
  • London College of Fashion grant towards a conference on Exploring queer cultures and lifestyles in the creative arts in Britain c.1885-1967
  • Royal Institute of British Architects grant towards a workshop on Leslie Martin - Art, Architecture and Academia
  • Kingston University grant towards a symposium on Eadweard Muybridge in Kingston 1894-1904
  • University of East Anglia grant towards a conference on The Medieval Churches of Norwich
  • Vivid Projects towards a symposium on AUTOICON: Reimaging Donald Rodney