• At the spring 2023 meeting of the Centre’s Advisory Council the following fellowships and grants were awarded:

MA/MPhil Studentship

  • Skye Weston to undertake an MA of History in Art with a research focus on DisCrit as a means of understanding post-war British art and its contribution to a "British" collective memory at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Doctoral Scholarship

  • Zoe Bromberg McCarthy to undertake a doctoral project titled Reconceiving Blackness Within British Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Early Career Fellowship

  • Grant agreed. Deferred to 2024.

Mid-career Fellowships

  • Adeyemi Akande (University of Lagos) for the project Sketching Realities: Merits and Veracity of the Illustrated London News’ Images on West Africa, 1842–1900.
  • Ben Cranfield (Royal College of Art) for the project With Time: Curating the Contemporary in Post-war Britain.
  • Helen Hughes (Monash University) for the project Art and Convict Transportation from Britain and Ireland to Australia, 1787–1868.
  • Jessica Barker (Courtauld Institute of Art) for the project The Rule: Forming Lives, Medieval and Modern
  • Luke Gartlan (University of St Andrews) for the project St Andrews and the Global Networks of Early Victorian Photography.
  • Madhuri Desai (Pennsylvania State University) for the project Shared Antiquarianisms: Maratha Temple Architecture and the East India Company.
  • Sonja Drimmer (University of Massachusetts Amherst) for the project Impressive Politics: Reproduction, Representation and the Wars of the Roses.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Avigail Moss for the project Peculiar Risks: Art and Insurance, 1780–1925.
  • Katherine Calvin for the project Antiquarian Speculations: Art, Credit and Collecting Between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, 1660–1830.
  • Naomi Vogt for the project Invented Rituals.
  • Nora Epstein for the project Visual Commonplacing: The Transmission and Reception of Printed Devotional Images in Reformed England.
  • Rosalind Hayes for the project "Look to Your Eating": Animals, Meat and Visual Culture in Britain, 1880–1910.
  • Sushma Griffin for the project Resistant Mediations: The Colonial Camera and the Art of Indian Pilgrimage.

Junior Fellowships

  • Altair Brandon-Salmon (Stanford University) for the project Strange Worlds: London, 1940–1994.
  • Ariel Kline (Princeton University) for the project Mapping Fairyland: The Imperial Space of Mid-Victorian Fairy Paintings.
  • Gian Marco Russo (Sapienza Università di Roma) for the project Antonio Zucchi (1726–1795): An Eighteenth-century Painter Between Italy and England.
  • Sarah Hutcheson (Harvard University) for the project Spatialising the Restoration: The Building Projects of Charles I.

Senior Fellowships

  • Dr Alex Bremner (University of Edinburgh) for the project A New History of Victorian Architecture.

Rome Fellowship

  • Dr Emma Merkling to spend three months at the British School at Rome to work on the project Finding Annie Swynnerton: British-Italian Symbolist Networks in Rome, 1880-1920

Research Support Grants

  • Ben Pollitt towards research costs for the project Visualising the Elements in the Art of British Maritime Exploration (1766–1814) in Australian Collections.
  • Catlin Langford towards research costs for the “Shot her way to success”: The Life and Work of Eva Barrett.
  • Christine Slobogin towards research costs for the project Plastics on Paper: Dickie Orpen and the Visual Culture of Second World War Plastic Surgery in Britain.
  • Damiët Schneeweisz towards research costs for the project Traveling Pictures: Tracing Portrait Miniatures in the British West Indies.
  • Eleanor Stephenson towards research costs for the project The Robertson-Aikman Collection and Archive in Scotland.
  • Hannah Darvin towards research costs for the project Sentimentalising Medicine: Luke Fildes’ The Doctor (1891) and the Idealised Image of the Physician-Patient Relationship.
  • Heather Mullender-Ross towards research costs for the project Putting Us in the Picture: The Origins and Development of Stefan Themerson’s “Kurt Schwitters on a Time-Chart”.
  • James Bell towards research costs for the project To All My Homosexual Schoolmasters: Intergenerational Learning in the Archives of AIDS Activism.
  • Jean Marie Christensen towards research costs for the project Bodies of the Crown: Kinship, Health, and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture.
  • Kelly Rappleye towards research costs for the project Moving (with) Images: Building Curatorial Knowledges of Glasgow’s Urban Landscape.
  • Massimiliano Papini towards research costs for the project Late Victorian and Edwardian Japonisme in Peripheral Britain: Transmediality and Transculturality in John George Sowerby’s Art Practices across Painting, Ceramic Design, and Children’s Illustrated Books, 1880–-1914.
  • Michael Andrew Michael towards research costs for the project From Westminster to Rome.
  • Réjean Legault towards research costs for the project Brutalism and the Materiality of Post-war Architecture in Britain.
  • Sarah Carter towards research costs for the project Empire Follows Art: Trafficking Culture in Imperial Britain 1780–1830.
  • Sarah Gould towards research costs for the project Millais, un peintre hors du temps.
  • Simon Constantine towards research costs for the project Aberdeen Harbour from Above and Below, 1853–1908.
  • Susannah Lyon-Whaley towards research costs for the project “little & pretty like Hammersmith as her majesty says”: Catherine of Braganza’s Lost Dowager House and Garden.
  • Tor Scott towards research costs for the project Edith Rimmington and British Surrealism.

Event Support Grants

  • British Academy/University of Manchester to support the virtual conference Histories, Art Histories and Heritage Narratives in Eastern Africa.
  • Dartington Trust to support the symposium Creative Sanctuary Dartington in the 1930s and Beyond.
  • eikones, Universität Basel to support the workshop Materialising Transparency.
  • London Linnean Society to support the conference Extinct: Empire, Art, Natural Histories in a Vanishing Planet.
  • MK Gallery, Milton Keynes to support the conference Entangled Histories: South Asian Miniatures and Britain.
  • Murray Edwards College, Cambridge to support the conference The Women's Art Collection: Artworks and Artists in Context.
  • Westminster Abbey to support the workshop Westminster Abbey Sixteenth-century Terracotta.