• At the spring 2024 meeting of the Centre’s Advisory Council the following fellowships and grants were awarded:

Senior Fellowship

  1. Sarah Thomas (Birkbeck) for the project Chattel: Art, Slavery and the British Collector, 1768-1833

Mid-Career Fellowships

  1. Megan Boulton (Independent Scholar) for the project Art at the End of the World: rethinking the medieval millennium and the ‘birth’ of England in the Romanesque period
  2. Megha Chand Inglis (The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London) for the project Companions of Stone: Architectural and Cultural Lifeworlds of the Sompura Hereditary Temple Builders of Western India (1888-2019)
  3. Meredith Gamer (Columbia University) for the project Taken From Life: William Hunter's Anatomy and the Art of Reproduction
  4. Sonal Khullar (University of Pennsylvania) for the project Unpeace in the Land: Art and War in Sri Lanka, c. 1930-2020
  5. Kate Nichols (University of Birmingham) for the project A Global History of Victorian Painting: Circulations and the Making of British Art
  6. Giulia Smith (Independent Scholar) for the project Living Landscapes: Nature as Anti-Colonial Agent in Guyanese Art

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  1. Gabe Beckhurst for the project A Timely Grammar: Trans Visualities between Art and the Archive in Britain
  2. Sarah Churchill for the project Slums in the Sky: How Photography Killed the Desire for Mass Social Housing in Britain
  3. Hope Doherty-Harrison for the project Gendering Judas in Medieval Insular Art and Text
  4. Lydia Fisher for the project Visualising Faith: Stained-Glass Windows, Belief and the Parish in the South-West of England, c.1400-1700
  5. Isabelle Jain for the project The Imperial Skyscraper: Reconstructing Empire on London’s South Bank
  6. Dorota Jagoda Michalska for the project Dialogue Out of Proximity. The Grabowski Gallery in London (1959-1975) as a Model for Horizontal Art History
  7. Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell for the project The Trans 1990s: or, what happened to Trans British Art?

MA/MPhil Studentships

  1. Ania Kaczynska to undertake an MA in Art History at University College London with a research focus on Archiving the Unseen: A Queer Chronopolitics of HIV Representation in British Visual Culture (1970s–1990s)
  2. Emily Lashford to undertake an MPhil in History of Art at the University of Cambridge with a research focus on Working Class Practitioners of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the North-West of England

Doctoral Scholarship

  1. Morgan Quaintance to undertake a PhD at the Royal College of Art with a research focus on Autofiction as Art Criticism: A Critical Ethnography of London's Art Scene in the 2010s

Early Career Fellowship

  1. Sequoia Barnes Useable Several Times: Blackness as 'Cute' in 20th Century White Supremacist Art Practices
  2. Denise Kwan Water as Method: Mapping the ecology of East and Southeast Asian artists in the UK from the 1980s to present day (awarded in 2023 but deferred to 2024)

Junior Fellowships

  1. Caterina Franciosi (Yale University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Latent Light: Energy and Nineteenth-Century British Art
  2. Jennifer Marine (University of Virginia) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Registering the Invisible in Fin-de-Siecle Europe
  3. Amy Orner (The Pennsylvania State University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project The Empress of the North: Edinburgh’s New Town as a City of Empire
  4. McKenzie Stupica (Northwestern University) to conduct research in the United Kingdom for the project Unexpected Genealogies: Argentina's Display at the 1969 London International Design Exhibition

Rome Fellowship

  1. Jennifer Johnson (University of Oxford) to spend three months at the British School at Rome to undertake research for the project Sandra Blow and Alberto Burri: exchanges in abstraction 1948-1955

Event Support Grants

  1. Kunsthalle Mannheim to support the event series On Bodies, Class and Feminism: A Lecture Series on Sarah Lucas
  2. Liverpool Cathedral to support the event series Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Season at Liverpool Cathedral
  3. Mount Stuart Trust to support the event Mount Stuart Trust Symposium 2024: The Art of Uncomfortable Truths
  4. Peckham Platform to support the event Memories for the Future: Social Architecture
  5. Studio Voltaire to support the event series Beryl Cook: Public Talks Programme
  6. The Stained Glass Museum to support the event Recording British Stained Glass – the Future of Databases
  7. The Women's Art Library (Goldsmiths, University of London) to support the event Re-appraising the Legacy of 20th Century British Landscape Painter, Yasmin David, at Luscombe Farm
  8. Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali to support the event The Middle Hall English House in Bogotá
  9. University of York to support the event Texture in the Medieval World
  10. V&A to support the event Rethinking Francis Williams

Research Support Grants

  1. Anirbaan Banerjee toward research costs for the project Imagining the Inter-Diasporic: Black and Asian Relations in British Independent Film
  2. Jean Marie Christensen toward research costs for the project Bodies of the Crown: Kinship, Health, and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture
  3. Kirsty Sinclair Dootson toward research costs for the project Anglo-Indian Film Colour at the Mid-Century
  4. Tristan Dot toward research costs for the project Weaving patterns in Victorian Britain (1840-1914) – circulation between periods, places and media
  5. Doris Duhennois toward research costs for the project Recording the dismantlement of empire: contested narratives and the after-lives of colonial statues in de-colonising Britain and France, 1950 – 2021
  6. Edward Gillin toward research costs for the project Gothic Science: William Whewell and the disciplining of architectural history
  7. Cassandra Harrington toward research costs for the project Foliate Heads and Masks in Gothic Art: A Reappraisal of ‘Green Man’ Iconography, c. 1200–1350
  8. Hemdat Kislev toward research costs for the project Modern Art and Self Determination in Mandatory Palestine
  9. Constance Marq toward research costs for the project The Lure of France: British architects’ travel across the Channel between 1802 and 1834
  10. Joseph McBrinn toward research costs for the project Evie Hone and the International Avant-Garde
  11. Louis-Antoine Mege toward research costs for the project "I don't think of myself as an English Conceptual artist." A Controversial English History of Art & Language (1970-2000)
  12. Sofia Nannini toward research costs for the project The Mechanization of Life: An Architectural History of Intensive Animal Farming
  13. Bruce Peter toward research costs for the project Modern Art Onboard British Ships
  14. Anika Shaikh toward research costs for the project Ethel Mairet and ‘Oriental’ Modern Textile: Transnational Design in the twentieth-century Britain