• A special programme of grants and fellowships, first launched in May 2020 and awarded again in 2021, designed to help support the field of British art studies during the COVID-19 crisis. The following applicants were successful:

Research Continuity Grants

  1. International Curators Forum to support An Anthology of British-Caribbean Art Part Two
  2. Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust to support Chinese Export Wallpaper at the Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust
  3. Towner Art Gallery to support A Life in Art: Lucy Wertheim, Patron, Collector and Gallerist and Reuniting the Twenties Group: from Barbara Hepworth to Victor Pasmore

Research Continuity Fellowships

  1. Sara Ayres to support Prince George of Denmark's Grand Tour: Art, Collections and Cross-Cultural Encounters in Restoration England
  2. Alison Bennett to support Material, Visual, and Architectural Cultures of Christianity in Colonial Uganda
  3. Richard Birkett to support Donald Rodney’s 'Autoicon': 'Human as Hybrid-Auto-Instituting-Languaging-Storytelling Species'
  4. Madeline Boden to support The First Covenant: Victorian Art and the Old Testament, c. 1850–1897
  5. Robyne Calvert to support The Mack: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow School of Art
  6. Laura Castagini to support Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs – an Exhibition History
  7. Tiffany Charlotte Boyle to support Black-Scottish-Artist-Filmmaker: Revisiting Maud Sulter's 'Gallus Pictures'
  8. Nicole Cochrane to support Buying Bonaparte: Material Cultures of Napoleon in the British Imagination in the Long Nineteenth Century
  9. Jackson Davidow to support Surviving the Blitz: Photography and Health Activism in 1980s London
  10. Cathryn Enis to support Tibor Reich and the S400 Textile Collection
  11. Daniel Fountain to support Crafted with Pride: Queer Craft and Contemporary Activism in Britain
  12. Ashley Gallant to support Radical Art Practice: Copyright and the Future of Public Collections
  13. Elisabeth Gernerd to support Lady in Silver: Navigating a Political Life in Silk and Paint
  14. Melissa Gustin to support Unquiet Grandeur: Nineteenth-Century Sculpture and the Imitation of Antiquity
  15. Francesca Kaes to support The Art of the Blot: Alexander Cozens's 'New Method' as Intermedial Practice
  16. Nilina Lal to support Constructing Calcutta: Empire and the Making of the Capital of British India 1880–1911
  17. Hannah Lee to support ‘Your Most Obedient and Faithful Servant’: Peregrine Tyam and the Representation of Black Sitters in Early Modern British Portraiture
  18. Hanna Mazheika to support Stuart Portraiture and Art Collecting in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
  19. Caroline McGee to support Crafting Catholic Opulence: Oppenheimer of Manchester and Decorative Church Mosaics, 1874–1965
  20. Emma Merkling to support Imponderable: Physics, Mathematics, Psychical Research, and Evelyn De Morgan’s Spiritualist Art, 1885–1914
  21. Lisa Newby to support Vital Disorder: Collage and Cultural Identity in London’s Postwar Artworld
  22. Gabriella Nugent to support African Modernists at the Slade School of Fine Art, c. 1945–1965
  23. Anna Raid to support The Day is Bright and Open: Lucy Skaer's Green Man
  24. Alice Sage to support Visual Vocabularies of Dreaming in First World War Postcards
  25. Christine Slobogin to support Dickie Orpen and the Visual Culture of Second World War Plastic Surgery in Britain
  26. Sylvia Theuri to support ‘Moments and Connections’: Re-viewing the 1983 Pan Afrikan Exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
  27. Rebecca Tropp to support Accommodating the Picturesque: Colonial Influences on Issues of Permeability
  28. Beth Williamson to support Art and Education: The Modernist Networks of William Johnstone
  29. Rixt Woudstra to support Designing a ‘New Britain’: Colonial Architecture, Protest, and the End of Empire
  30. Wen Yao to support Stella Snead as a Surrelaist World Traveller: Mobility and Representation in her Paintings, Photographs, Collages and Writings
  31. Shijia Yu to support Paper Peepshows and the Intermediality of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture