Publication Grants are offered in autumn to publishers, institutions and/or authors to offset costs incurred in producing works of scholarship in print or in other media.

The grant is either a maximum of £7,000 when applied for by a publisher, £3,000 when applied for by an author or a maximum £10,000 when jointly applied for by both author and publisher. Smaller grants of £1,000 can also be awarded to authors of short-form publications, such as articles.

The PMC is an educational charity that champions new ways of understanding British art history and culture. Through all areas of our work, including our Grants & Fellowships programme, we promote activities that enhance and expand knowledge of British art and architecture. As an institution, we pledge ourselves to ensuring that the histories of British art are enriched and made more relevant to a broader range of people in the future. The inclusion of voices, narratives and experiences that have been marginalised or excluded in the past will have a transformational impact on the future of the Centre and upon British art studies. Accordingly, the PMC particularly welcomes applications from those who are under-represented within the academic field of the humanities in the UK.