The Paintings of J. M. W. Turner

Martin Butlin, Evelyn Joll

Catalogue Raisonné
Publicaton Date
September 1984
Standard Number
Yale University Press
993 pages

This prize-winning catalogue raisonné of Turner’s paintings is published in a fully revised form, incorporating fresh information on every important picture and completely new entries for fourteen works that have come to light since the book’s first publication. The Plates volume has also been completely revised to include recently discovered or newly cleaned works, and well over half the paintings are now reproduced in colour.

These two volumes, recognised since their first publication as the most comprehensive and authoritative reference work on Turner’s paintings, provide a unique visual record of his entire oeuvre in oil, together with a full discussion of every picture. Martin Butlin and Evelyn Joll date each painting (as closely as possible) and furnish detailed and extensive information about its provenance and exhibition history. In addition, they cite contemporary reviews of Turner’s exhibited pictures, enabling the reader to follow critical response to this work for over half a century.

Winner of the 1978 Mitchell Prize for Art History.

About the authors

  • Keeper of the historic British Collection at the Tate Gallery, London.

  • Evelyn Joll was chairman of Thos. Agnew & Sons, Ltd, London.