A Fragile Modernism:
Whistler and His Impressionist Followers

Anna Gruetzner Robins

Publicaton Date
May 2007
Standard Number
Yale University Press
256 pages

Whistler embarked on a new project in the 1880s, working on a small scale in oil, pastel and watercolor to depict new London subjects and painting portraits of new urban types. This book, the first critical study of Whistler and his Impressionist followers, offers an in-depth analysis of Whistler's art as well as new insights into his modernist project.

Using a wealth of primary material, Robins tracks the history of Whistler and his group and shows through testimony and practice that they were formulating an identity as avant-garde artists. This is the first critical study of these Impressionist artists and throws new light on this neglected aspect of British art.


About the author

  • Professor Emeritus in History of Art at University of Reading